Monday, June 18, 2007

Day to Day

Alrighty I'm new to this blog thing so if i ramble i'm sorry...get over it!

Isabella and I spent the past week in Las Vegas. We went for Garrett's graduation but being the party animal that he is we hardly saw him. It was great to see my other family and friends. Bella is very social and loves to be where the party is and really had a great time getting to know family and meeting new people...but is VERY relieved to be home so she can relax and catch up on sleep! :) She is such an easy baby, we are so lucky! She cracks me up every day, she is so curious and active and i cant wait to see what new things she does this week.

This morning we went for a walk with my friend Cristin and her son Luke...Bella's boyfriend. Cristen and I have gotten to be great friends. It is so nice to have someone to hang out with and hate Tehachapi with! LOL we try to go walking every monday wednesday and friday so at least we have something to do in the week. There is literally nothing to do here. oh my gosh.

Dan continues the job search...there are a lot of opportunities out there but very few that are genuinely good opportunities. A lot of the chiropractors out there are not honest and like to take advantage of associates and doctors right out of school...that's life right? We know the right opportunity will come along soon, the montly ads come out in a few days so cross your fingers!

I am so into scrapbooking right now! I've always wanted to be better and learn new techniques and i've recently become acquainted with stampin' up and think that is the style i'd like to adopt for my books and cards and fun things like that. I was thinking of making pages and cards as a little side buisness as a way to make some extra money, i have a few friends that were really successful doing that...maybe someday when i have more experience i'll do the mean time is so much fun and i cant get enough of it and i want to learn more so if you have books that you want done....send your pix my way! :)

Oh yeah one of my friends in the ward is an artist and uses the old masters technique in her oil paintings so she and Cristen and I are going to get together to do "art stuff" every once in a while, she is going to teach us how to paint and i'm going to teach them how to sculpt and use watercolors so its going to be a blast. Cristen and I went over there and did American Idol Karaoke, it was really fun, i didnt do it of course, but it was still fun being there and i'm excited to try it next time.

Thats all for now, stay tuned for more from Tehachapi!

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers