Thursday, August 9, 2007

oh my gosh, i cant believe how tiny she was.......

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this is a pix of bella my mom and i just came across, this was taken right after we brought her home...she still looks a little yellow, i think it was when she was like 3 or 4 days old

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

5 Months Old

Wow how time flies! Bella is 5 months old today and i can hardly believe it! It seems like forever ago that she was born but we can hardly believe that she is already almost a half of a year old. crazyness. So her new little tricks are rolling over, grabbing things, throwing them and then realizing that she doesnt have them anymore, laughing hysterically at mommy and daddy and gramma, sitting up, and kicking all the water out of the bathtub...those are just the highlights! :) she is a hoot and she loves to mimick us and make fun new sounds. Last week my mom was visiting and she put the sticker from the back of her new pants on her nose and pretended she was snoring blowing the sticker up....bella was sitting on my mom's tummy and was focusing on the sticker as it flew up in the air and then looked up at me like what the heck??? it was hilarious! another thing we get a kick out of is her lounging. whenever she is ready to relax she puts her hands behind her head and lays back and crosses her legs....we caught her while she was asleep...check it out...

Oh yeah Bella and i went to vegas to see justin and his gf...who he proposed to while they were in vegas! :) YEAH I"M GONNA HAVE A SISTER!!!! so excited. she is awesome and i love how cute they are together. they are going to be so happy! :) anyway so we were visiting and we went to greg and kendra's to see little kaprice and we took pix of bella with her to compare sizes. by the way....between her 2 and 4 month checkups bella grew 3.25 inches and gained over 5 pounds. SHES A TANK!!!! catching up for when she wasnt gaining weight at the beginning i guess! she totally loves garrett and thinks hes better than warm milk. he can always get her to smile....not only that but i think she flirts with him...she gets all giggly around him and looks at him like she doesnt look at anyone else. so i guess we know her type! oh yeah and Jarom was dressed up like darth vader so we got him to fight with justin and i think i can attach the video....

ok so garrett is totally making her laugh, what a ham! last night we gave bella her first haircut, she had about 15 hairs that were about an inch longer than the rest of her hair so they would stick out all over the place and she looked like a little freak of nature, so now she's back to being perfect. and lately she's been really cranky because her teeth are starting to come in more....whenever they do that she sucks in her bottom this afternoon while we were trying to keep her quiet during the bourne ultamatum...which is really good by the way! i discovered that her two little bottom teeth made their grand entrance! TADA!!!! they have been deciding whether they were going to appear since she was 7.5 weeks old. glad they finally came through! :)

bottom lip? what bottom lip?

mommy, what are you doing?????lookin' good bebe!check out my mohawk!squeaky clean and oh so fine!!!

So it's pretty awesome being a mommy, i'm totally loving it!

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