Friday, January 18, 2008

The Park

Just down the street is a town called is adorable. It has the old small town-ish feeling but it's all brand new and cute as a button. it kind of looks like you're on the set of a movie. This is where I would like to live some day. It is clean, it is adorable and oh yeah it is clean. I really love it.

Last week the park down town opened and we stopped by yesterday....FUN!!!! Bella loved it! I think Dan loved the astro-turf the best. He saw a few of his patients there and made friends with someone that was pushing his grandson on the swings. He is so good at that! People just start talking to him. I can never do that. Its not that I dont want to...i'm just not good at that and i feel like a dork. Plus, hello! You're not supposed to talk to strangers!

Anyway so Bella got to try out the swings and the big kid slides for the first time! SHE LOVED IT!!!!!!! She is such a daredevil...we started pushing her on the swings and started talking and without realizing it we were pushing her really fast and she looked a little freaked out but then when we made faces at her and pushed her again she would laugh and squeal with delight. and then on the slides, daddy was affraid to go down with her, so he took her to the top and i caught her on the bottom, she looked so excited...kind of how you look right before you go over the top of a roller coaster and started screaming again! It was awesome! WE DIDNT HAVE THE CAMERA!!! -AND- my phone was almost dead and it wouldnt let me take video or pix...rude. We will probably try again tomorrow or Tuesday WITH the camera...FUN FUN FUN!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

So we are getting closer to being moved in! On Thursday we finally rented a moving truck and moved the last of our things from storage to our new place!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!! We have most of the big stuff in place, our massive Ikea monstrosity of an entertainment center is together and dominating the living room as usual and everything is moved in upstairs all I have to do is put the crib together and unpack 20 or so boxes and wash and clean everything. I've become sort of a clean freak and a little bit of a germophobe and its driving me crazy having everything out of order and dirty. I really had a hard time when bella started crawling around and became the human vacuum cleaner.

Anyway! Dan is in charge of 3 things when we move...the big stuff, driving the truck, and taking apart the kichen table. For some reason this time we moved Dan felt it was necessary to disassemble every part of our kitchen table. The legs are wierd and there are like 8 pieces for each half of the table. I didnt bother asking him why he was doing it when we moved out, I was just happy he was doing something while i was packing up the rest of the house! But when we moved back in he couldnt figure out why he did it when it was so not necessary. So here is Dan putting our kitchen table together and bella helping him....check her out I really dont think he could have done it without her.
please ignore the crazy mess in the is a glimpse of the new place looking from the living room to the dining area...the kitchen is off to the right of the back door.
checkin out the hardware
i can do it myself!....i wonder where she gets that!
oooooooooooo tools!

Justin and Jill's Big Day

Dum Dum Da Dum!!!!!!!!!! Here we are in Logan for Justin and Jill's big day! We were hanging out in the hotel before the wedding and we were trying to find out how cold it was outside so we checked our said 25 and then my brother was all....holy crap...that is supposed to be the high for the day! It's 7 degrees now! Yeah so it was just a little bit chilly outside! Jill didnt wear a coat for her pix...SHE IS SO BRAVE!!!!!!!!! She was totally bundled up and camped out by the radiator almost the whole time during the luncheon.....

Logan Utah Temple
Here they are! These guys are so stinkin cute! I realized as I was going through these pictures that Dan took most of these, I was using my moms camera...hopefully I'll get those pix soon.
The guy to the left of my brother is Bishop Moore, their bishop from Byu-I, he is an awesome guy! I am so glad they have him to lean on up there! :)
here is the happy couple with Jills Mom
my dad, my mom, the kids and jills mom....i dont know jill's mom's name...oops!
Ok, you see the girl in front that has her hands up like a rabbit? She was FREEZING!!!!!!! The photographer made all the kids take their jackets off and this little girl had just taken hers off...a few minutes later her hands were up to her neck, she was shaking and turning blue! I felt so bad for her! She didnt make it to the next set of pix!
I think about 4 people were taking pix of bella right here, she was rolling around on the ground like the kid in A Christmas Story..."I cant get up....wahhhhh" she finally made it up...dont worry

Bella loved the snow, she played with it for a few minutes until her fingers about froze off then she started to freak out!
Random Pix of the Temple Grounds:

This house was right across the street from the temple, it looks like it could be in a Christmas card!

The Tabernacle
The Luncheon:
We had the luncheon at The Blue Bird Cafe...apparently some of my great great uncles established the cafe in the 1800s....its the original's pretty cool, it has the original soda bar and it's like 4 stories....i wish i had gotten more pix of the inside, it was really neat.
I love this pix of My Mom and Bella!
We take 4 generation pix like every time we are together...the 4 dorks! :)
The Ride Home:

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kleenex Anyone?

Wow, so bella and I were working in Dan's office and I think she picked up a bug from a little boy that came in with his mom...he was bellas age...anyway bella has been really sick with a bad cough and runny nose and fever. I was starting to get really worried because it has been a week and she hasnt gotten any better and we dont have a doctor yet because we are still in limbo. And then I realized, duh she is probably teething too....4 molars thank you very much! All of her teeth come in at the same time, poor thing! But I guess it is good, she can get it out of the way all at once. Other than being sick, she has been great, not whiny or needy or out of sorts really. Well, sometimes she is clingy but really it hasnt been too bad. I just feel bad that we have been moving and really busy so I havent been able to devote every waking moment to her. lol

SO question....I was looking in her mouth last night and one of the molars has a lot of blood underneath the's all purple....has anyone else experienced this? Is it common? I havent looked it up on the internet yet, so I have no idea. I really dont trust a lot of things that I read in books or the internet because a lot of it isnt true, or its retarded so I really value hearing everyones opinions and first hand experiences. any advice is most welcome! thanks!


We had kind of a marathon Christmas this year! My brother Justin got married in the Logan Temple on the 22nd so we flew out from Oakland on Friday the 21st and met my grandma at the airport and my mom and brother Garrett picked us up and we drove to Logan that night. The next day we went to the sealing, the luncheon and then drove to SLC...well actually Taylorsville and Sandy where we visited with Dan's Family and spent the night @ his uncle's house....the next day we drove down to Vegas and got ready for Christmas. HOLY COW!!!!! It was kinda crazy! We seriously tried to fit in a months worth of Christmas stuff into 48 the next day we went to my aunt and uncle's house for our annual christmas party....

Every year for years and years our family gets together and has a family christmas party and the kids put on a Nativity....well everyone has either grown up or moved away with the exception of a few families so this year we got together at my Uncle Greg and Aunt Kendra's house on Christmas Eve afternoon and put on the Nativity. Jarom wanted to be Dan played the part of Joseph. lol

Felicity played the part of Mary.
Here she is again....heavy laden and everything.
Bella played the part of the angel...for the play only...just kidding, she was great! :) She loves being with older kids

Jenika was the Narrator and Kaprice represented the Kings. LOL I LOVE THE CROWN!!!

Here they are! Bella kept trying to get the baby out of the manger, I think this is the only pix I have without her halfway inside the basket.
Gavin, Gavin, Gavin...he was the bat shepherd. The shepherds watched their flocks by: The Dark Night.

Bella kidnapped "Baby Jesus"....somehow Santa found out and brought her her first doll the next day.

Sharon, if you see this, I am going to send you a copy of these pix, they are awesome!

Ok, you cant crack eggs like that and not take a picture!

Bella and Uncle Garrett...oh presh!

Toby didnt have a problem finding his stocking!

Garrett vowed to always get cute Vans for Bella for Christmas...hes 2 for 2!

yeah go figure, she goes for the paper over the new toy.

awwwww gramma!

about 5 minutes later she crashed! She was so tired.

I love this pix! Oh yeah you dont see Dan in any of the Christmas Day photos because he was sick and upstairs most of the time. poor guy!

It wouldnt be a visit home without Garrett dressing up somehow! At least he didnt come down sporting his speedo this time! He got his Firefighter digs from a guy he was working with, he said since he was working so hard in the explorer program and was a poor college student, he would give him the gear for free! HOW AWESOME IS THAT???? The paint ball gun isnt really part of it...but thats garrett for you...oh yeah...bella totally freaked out.

Baby Steps

Just in time for her 10 month birthday, Bella decided it was time for her to walk long distances! She has been taking steps on her own for about a month now but nothing big...just a few here and there just before christmas she had been doing it a lot more and then yesterday whilst I was unpacking boxes in our new place she walked across the room to me! I was totally startled and tried to get her to do it again which she did and kept on doing it all day long. Today she has been doing it too and trying to dance whenever she hears catchy's really cute! I've tried to get videos of it but whenever i pull out the camera she stops...OF COURSE!

ANYWAY back to the walking. She is doing so well...Christmas Eve she walked about 12 steps and now she is up to about 25 before she starts to topple and break into a run. It's pretty exciting, she is a lot more independent but a lot more into things. MY GOODNESS!!!! I was talking to my friend Cristin a few weeks ago about our kids and how active they are. They really are two peas in a pod and would be getting into SO much trouble if they were together.

I use to watch babies in our ward or at the park and think...oh how much fun! or oh how cute! I hope my kids are like that, it will be so much fun....Yeah I dont know what I was thinking. Just kidding, she is really active, but I really like her that way and hope the rest of our kids are the same way.

So I have taken a million videos of her walking and I'm working on compiling them and putting music to might take a few days since we are trying to move too....there just isnt enough time in the day! SHEESH!!!!

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers