Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

So we are getting closer to being moved in! On Thursday we finally rented a moving truck and moved the last of our things from storage to our new place!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!! We have most of the big stuff in place, our massive Ikea monstrosity of an entertainment center is together and dominating the living room as usual and everything is moved in upstairs all I have to do is put the crib together and unpack 20 or so boxes and wash and clean everything. I've become sort of a clean freak and a little bit of a germophobe and its driving me crazy having everything out of order and dirty. I really had a hard time when bella started crawling around and became the human vacuum cleaner.

Anyway! Dan is in charge of 3 things when we move...the big stuff, driving the truck, and taking apart the kichen table. For some reason this time we moved Dan felt it was necessary to disassemble every part of our kitchen table. The legs are wierd and there are like 8 pieces for each half of the table. I didnt bother asking him why he was doing it when we moved out, I was just happy he was doing something while i was packing up the rest of the house! But when we moved back in he couldnt figure out why he did it when it was so not necessary. So here is Dan putting our kitchen table together and bella helping him....check her out I really dont think he could have done it without her.
please ignore the crazy mess in the is a glimpse of the new place looking from the living room to the dining area...the kitchen is off to the right of the back door.
checkin out the hardware
i can do it myself!....i wonder where she gets that!
oooooooooooo tools!


Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Oh Bella is getting so big!! She is gorgeous! I love that picture with the tools.. hehe... Tool girl...
You look great in the pictures on your blog.. and cute hair as always.
I'm glad things are going well for you! Keep in touch.

NelsonFamily said...

Ok, wow! You guys have been busy! So much to comment on! What a fun Christmas you guys had! Congrats on the house. Way to go Bella with the walking-sorry mom, I am totally rooting for her on this one. You sure do look like you mom, my dear. How fun to see some family pictures. I've met your dad and your brother so it was fun to see some of the other fam.

Eli's teeth never got purple and bloody, but his gums get white and really painful looking right before a tooth breaks through. I am sure purple and bloody is a normal thing as long as it isn't gushing or oozing or anything weird like that.

You do look great, by the way.

Miss you and hope all is well.

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