Sunday, January 13, 2008

Justin and Jill's Big Day

Dum Dum Da Dum!!!!!!!!!! Here we are in Logan for Justin and Jill's big day! We were hanging out in the hotel before the wedding and we were trying to find out how cold it was outside so we checked our said 25 and then my brother was all....holy crap...that is supposed to be the high for the day! It's 7 degrees now! Yeah so it was just a little bit chilly outside! Jill didnt wear a coat for her pix...SHE IS SO BRAVE!!!!!!!!! She was totally bundled up and camped out by the radiator almost the whole time during the luncheon.....

Logan Utah Temple
Here they are! These guys are so stinkin cute! I realized as I was going through these pictures that Dan took most of these, I was using my moms camera...hopefully I'll get those pix soon.
The guy to the left of my brother is Bishop Moore, their bishop from Byu-I, he is an awesome guy! I am so glad they have him to lean on up there! :)
here is the happy couple with Jills Mom
my dad, my mom, the kids and jills mom....i dont know jill's mom's name...oops!
Ok, you see the girl in front that has her hands up like a rabbit? She was FREEZING!!!!!!! The photographer made all the kids take their jackets off and this little girl had just taken hers off...a few minutes later her hands were up to her neck, she was shaking and turning blue! I felt so bad for her! She didnt make it to the next set of pix!
I think about 4 people were taking pix of bella right here, she was rolling around on the ground like the kid in A Christmas Story..."I cant get up....wahhhhh" she finally made it up...dont worry

Bella loved the snow, she played with it for a few minutes until her fingers about froze off then she started to freak out!
Random Pix of the Temple Grounds:

This house was right across the street from the temple, it looks like it could be in a Christmas card!

The Tabernacle
The Luncheon:
We had the luncheon at The Blue Bird Cafe...apparently some of my great great uncles established the cafe in the 1800s....its the original's pretty cool, it has the original soda bar and it's like 4 stories....i wish i had gotten more pix of the inside, it was really neat.
I love this pix of My Mom and Bella!
We take 4 generation pix like every time we are together...the 4 dorks! :)
The Ride Home:


Cristin Lassen said...

AHGH, I can't believe all those people without coats. That is crazy! And I think 50 degrees is cold!

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