Saturday, January 5, 2008

Baby Steps

Just in time for her 10 month birthday, Bella decided it was time for her to walk long distances! She has been taking steps on her own for about a month now but nothing big...just a few here and there just before christmas she had been doing it a lot more and then yesterday whilst I was unpacking boxes in our new place she walked across the room to me! I was totally startled and tried to get her to do it again which she did and kept on doing it all day long. Today she has been doing it too and trying to dance whenever she hears catchy's really cute! I've tried to get videos of it but whenever i pull out the camera she stops...OF COURSE!

ANYWAY back to the walking. She is doing so well...Christmas Eve she walked about 12 steps and now she is up to about 25 before she starts to topple and break into a run. It's pretty exciting, she is a lot more independent but a lot more into things. MY GOODNESS!!!! I was talking to my friend Cristin a few weeks ago about our kids and how active they are. They really are two peas in a pod and would be getting into SO much trouble if they were together.

I use to watch babies in our ward or at the park and think...oh how much fun! or oh how cute! I hope my kids are like that, it will be so much fun....Yeah I dont know what I was thinking. Just kidding, she is really active, but I really like her that way and hope the rest of our kids are the same way.

So I have taken a million videos of her walking and I'm working on compiling them and putting music to might take a few days since we are trying to move too....there just isnt enough time in the day! SHEESH!!!!


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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers