Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillow!

Bella has had several wiggly teeth for the past few months...she has been too scared to wiggle them out and this week we have been working on one in particular that has been very wiggly. This afternoon we were at the park having a picnic lunch and i looked over at her and her tooth was gone! She had been eating a muffin and had taken too big of a bite and spit everything out - luckily, because the tooth came out also! quick and dirty! :D

I've been meaning to make Bells a tooth fairy pillow FOR-E-VER. I saw a little pillow similar to this one about a year ago eons before she lost any teeth...well, nothing like a little action to get things in is the result...enjoy the tutorial! I think it took me like 45 minutes to complete due to all the interruptions! have fun!

Start by cutting a pattern

Cut 3 teeth, cut the third in half and sew the zipper onto that one

 You could also cut the tooth at an angle to add interest or make a sassy zipper was too small to try that!

 Sew all three pieces together with a gap at the top of the tooth, this is where you are going to add your stuffing.

once its stuffed, sew it shut. you may want to go around the whole tooth another time

Unzip the zipper all the way and flip the zipped side over the rest of the tooth

Put your sewing machine away! You're all done with that part! 
I played around with different sized buttons for the eyes and added a bow because well, what girl doesnt want like accessories??

 we have a winner!

 I added a snarky little tongue works well to hold $ in place!

 And here we are!

 I found this cute note on pinterest. it fits perfectly!

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