Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July 2008

Wow! I totally forgot about this. We finally got to take a mini vacation this 4th. Oh oh wait! I totally forgot my camera-HELLO! so we got some disposable cameras but i didn't take nearly as many as i would have if I'd had my digital camera. What the heck was I thinking??? So until i get them developed lol I'm going to fill in with stuff i find on the internet. enjoy.

It's so hard owning your own business, you never get time off! (and health benefits aren't included...we're shopping right now...any suggestions?) Anyway so this year we went down to Monterrey Bay, we were so missing the beach. We drove down Friday and cruised around the area for a while and did the 17 mile drive which I have never done before, it was so awesome! We got out a few times and checked out some of the lookout points and tide pools....Bella totally loved the time we got to Carmel (at the end of the drive) we were so tired! We went back to the hotel and got settled and then decided to go watch the fireworks on the we got some dinner and had a little picnic, it was great!

We were up on some cliffs overlooking the water and watching the sunset when everyone started running to the edge of the cliffs....some guys pulled a scuba diver out of the water...he was totally unconscious so the guys started taking his gear off and doing CPR, he looked like he was going to be OK...everyone around us was on their cell phone so a few minutes later we were surrounded by cops and paramedics...great way to start the night! lol So we watched the fireworks and totally froze on the beach and then took off about 10 minutes before the show ended so we didn't get stuck in traffic. score.
The next day we went to the Aquarium. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! When I was a kid I wanted to be a Marine Biologist so bad, we went on a field trip to the aquarium when i was in 3rd grade and i about died, i loved it so has changed a lot since i was there last but it was still awesome. Bella really liked it. AND they had a play area for toddlers. We were all SOOOOO happy! Bella was a total space case. She LOVES to scream now. crazy head. So she was all over the place. These people know what they are doing. They were very accommodating for strollers and babies and everything. Word to the wise. NEVER GO ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND! it was so freaking packed I felt like a sardine. I totally belonged in the aquarium.

This room was awesome, there were tons of sharks, the wierdo fish that you'll see below a bunch of monster sized tuna that were totally eyeing was really awesome. the tank was huge and the glass was wall to wall and floor to cieling. i got a really cute pix of bella leaning up against it and staring at the fish.

lots and lots of sharks...we still got excited about the hammerhead shark. Remember about the time when the ninja turtles were popular hammerhead sharks were all the rage?
And the award for the wierdest fish ever goes to...

This little guy is the star fish...he was ginormous.
awww-ters. When we got there, they were feeding the otters so they were really happy and doing a lot of tricks, bella really liked it!

This guy was really cool, I really hope my pictures turn out well, he was huge and really cool to watch. When we got there he was hiding across the tank but we walked up and he came right up next to us. Its cuz we rock.
Ok the penguins were really cute. I think they need a bigger tank tho, there were like a bajillion of them in a really small area...they were eating when we got there - we seriously had perfect timing wherever we went. They were really cute. Just as cute as the penguin in 50 First Dates

I was really sad that this part of the jelly fish exhibit wasnt there anymore....maybe we totally missed it or it was closed? The remainder of what is there is totally awesome...see below...and they are closing the jelly fish exhibit in September of this year to make way for bigger and better things.
Over all: Great weekend!

Never Run With A Fork

Ok i'm sure you've seen these pix before. Every time I see them it makes me cringe! BLAH!

Heres a nice little reminder to post up on your fridge:
Kids, dont run with forks, or you'll end up like poor Timmy.
He could never smell again.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok so this week Kherrington and Twitch were in the bottom bummer, but hello! they are awesome so of course they didnt get eliminated! :) Here is Twitch's solo:

Heres one of my favs for the week, it was pretty awesome! totally different from anything that has been on the show before! Love it!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Scuba Divers

Ok this is totally fake (sorry justin) but it looks awesome.

The email I got with the pix was basically a story of a kid scuba diving with his parents in australia and about to take a pix of them when he starts freaking out and swims to the surface, his parents are like, what the heck? The kid said there was a shark behind them....and heres the pix...

Here is the thing...a shark that big right behind two unsuspecting scuba divers...not likely they are going to get away with all their body parts....still awesome tho....

sytycd update

ok i need to catch up! here are my favs from the previous weeks....

Bird Man and Chelsea

Courtney and Gev

Sexy Dance:

Hip Hop:

And of Course Kherrington & Twitch:

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers