Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Discovery

I'm always looking for tips, ideas, how to make SAHM (stay at home mom) life better. My friend bonny had a link to this site on her blog....I'm still sitting here with my mouth open! Its amazing!!! :) So excited to dig deeper in this site!

How I Love My Little Girl!

This morning Bella woke up at 7am! Thank you construction workers! She usually sleeps until at least 8 or 8:30. I love that shes a sleeper. She is into everything today but not in a bad way. Total discovery mode. She keeps coming across things, studying them, "See?!" and handing it to me, "Here you go!" and then shes off!Last night when she was supposed to be getting in the tubby, she came out wearing nothing but a hat and her bath mat and totally strutting her stuff. Watch out Heidi Klum! This chicka is taking over the runway!

I love this age! She is so much fun and I'm glad I can spend so much one on one time with her.

Here are a few of my favorite things about her:

1. How sassy she is
2. Her independence
3. Her creativity and excellent artwork
4. Her imagination
5. How kind she is to others
6. How flirty she is
7. That she LOVES to read (she makes up and tells us stories according to the pictures)
8. That she LOVES Buzz Lightyear and runs around the house with him saying "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!!"
9. How loving and compassionate she is
10. That she totally plays Dan just to tease him
11. That she loves her family and her friends so much
12. Her spontaneous prayers
13. That she dances almost all the time
14. The random songs she sings
15. That she loves to cook
16. Her sense of fashion
17. That she pronounces yellow, "yay-yo"
18. When we are cleaning or moving furniture she "helps" us clean up by moving all of her toys from one location to the next, grunting when she lifts something.
19. That she exclaims, "OH CUTE!!!" when she tries something on or sees a cute outfit while shopping.
20. When she empties her dresser in protest of naps and decides to count to ten, make animal sounds or sing happy birthday for a few hours instead.

I really could go on forever, shes the funnest little girl ever! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels & Demons part II

I don't really know what to say about the movie except that it is pretty good. I really need to go see it again to process. I know I'm a total dork. I was so distracted the whole time. All I could think about was the book. I thought they did a really good job of not smearing the Catholic Church in this one. The changes that they made from book to movie were done well, a few things I think they should have kept in there; but I can totally see why they made the changes that they did. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen it, sorry for being so nondescript! Ewan McGreggor's character was great. I'm glad they chose him to play that role. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was still surprised by him. Tom Hanks' character, Robert Langdon was WAY more sassy in this one I felt, no reservations whatsoever. By the way his hair was a great deal better in this movie. not scragely like last time! AND even though it wasn't important and didn't contribute to the plot line whatsoever, I was disappointed that Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra didnt have any kind of relationship with one another. Over all I think it was pretty good!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Angels & Demons

Today's the day! I am SO excited to see this movie. Last year I finally read the book and I couldn't put it down. If you haven't read it, I HIGHLY recommend it. I loved it even more than the DaVinci code...and I liked that book a lot! I feel that Angels and Demons is a little less controversial and blasphemous...a lot more action and suspense. All the artwork is an added bonus for me. I LOVE it all!

We are going to see the movie tomorrow night...hopefully it is amazing and I will want to see it many more times! Ron Howard is an excellent director and I LOVE Tom Hanks. He never lets me down.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever!

Last May we started a tradition and with Dan's parents. We went to Wattsonville and picked Strawberries! I wanted to compare to last year, but I couldn't find last years post, maybe I never posted...? (probably! oops!) Anyway, Bella remembered exactly what to do, she grabbed her bucket and immediately started picking berries, she was a little reluctant to eat them but after the first one, she couldn't stop! She started taking bites and then putting them in the bucket. That's right, swiss cheese strawberries! :)
Checking things out...If you look closely at her face, you can see she had been grazing! lol
Our little monster, hard at work.

I had planned on making jam with the berries we picked but I have no idea how and wasnt brave enough to do it without help. If anyone knows how to make jam, or even freezer jam and wants some of the finished product for helping me please let me know!!!

We had a great time and are going back in a few weeks to get more. If you want to go with us or meet us down there let me know, a bunch of us are going together.

Me & My Shaddow

Bella recently discovered her shadow! It is really very cute! Whenever she notices, she gets really excited like she is seeing one of her friends and tries to chase it. She then squats down, waves and starts a conversation. Once she realizes everyone is looking she just says, "come on!" and she and her shadow run off and play. I love being a mom!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Livingston Family Update

Here are some pix of Grace and her new mommy and daddy from the past week:Together at long last!
Gracie and Daddy
Strike a pose!
Discovering that eating ziploc bags isnt too tasty!

Gracie and her fav toy, jeffrie the giraffe!
Gracie and Jeffrie in tow.
Gracie and Mommy, I LOVE this picture!Look at her cute little smile!!!AWWWWWWWW!

We just found out that the paperwork that was going to take about 30 days to process for Grace to come home took about 12 hours. WOO HOO! If all things fall into place Dallan & Kirsten will be coming home with Grace in a week and a half! Can you believe it?? Before they left for Africa, the adoption agency told them that they would have to go in 2 trips (utterly heartbreaking) The first trip to get things started, be presented in court, etc. and the second after 3-4 weeks when Grace's visa and other paperwork had been processed and she was clear to come to the U.S. Thankfully the people they are working with have their ducks in a row and are so helpful! Please keep them in your prayers! Hopefully everything goes off without a hitch! :) Good luck you guys! Love ya!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shop Girl

Kirsten Bella and I have been going shopping quite a bit lately to get Kirsten ready to go to Africa. We have trained Bella well! Now when we go to a store she grabs something, holds it up to her and says: "Oh CUTE!!!" Its really kind of sad. Kirsten found an awesome shop called 'Labels' (moreso for retail therapy rather than necessity) Its a second hand shop for designer clothes and bags, shoes etc. It is so awesome! It has a sort of vintage vibe which is so fun. Bella was really excited! She LOVES purses, hats and shoes so much. We took her to the back where all the clearance items were. I'd have to sign my life away for anything else in the store. Once again the pix are really bad because they are from my phone and someone just wont hold still...

Drive by pose
One of the sales ladies fell in love with bella, she picked out a bunch of purses for her to play with. This one was her fav.
Learning how to accessorize with Auntie Kirsten
Woman on a mission, "someone get me a mirror!!!" She was totally thinking that!
Here we are at lunch afterwards. All she would eat is: water, a piece of bread a few peas and parmesan cheese. nutritious.
Taking parm shots.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Voca People

I love random stuff like this, my cousin posted it...

Its a little annoying, but totally fun.

3 Day Potty Training

Has anyone heard of this? I stumbled upon a website for 3 Day Potty Training this morning and while I'm totally skeptical, I'm really curious to see what she says in her ebook.

I have been trying to potty train Bella for months now. She is SO hit and miss. Sometimes she is deathly afraid of the toilet, sometimes she just goes by herself, or she tells me she has to go and camps out on the toilet forever and then finds somewhere else to go to the bathroom. Accidents galore! I'm sick of my living room being a kitty litter box!

A big part of the problem is that I haven't been as consistent as I should be, which is really bad

I've tried the naked technique-so doesn't work! I've tried giving her fluids all day long and having her go potty every hour and that doesn't work either. My next step was to have her wear panties instead of diapers and have her feel the difference...?

I'm at the point where I'll try anything! Any suggestions?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Do

Last week my cousin cut my hair and I now come with bangs! I never thought I'd do it but here I am! What do you think?

Fit To The Core Update

OK. So far so good. I fell off the wagon a little bit and strayed from my diet...who doesn't. I'm still working out 3-4 times a week at 5am and losing weight and inches! 2 weeks ago i weighed in and I had lost 13 pounds, which is OK, i lost 11 gained 5 and then lost 7 so I'm OK with that. Keep moving forward! The best part is the inches. I have lost 2 inches in my thighs, 1 1/2 inches in my hips and stomach and about a 1/2 inch all over the rest of my body. As a whole, not too shabby. Kirsten is doing really well too, she has lost 4 inches from her waist and 3 inches from her hips and about a 1/2 inch everywhere else. WAY TO GO!!! here is a link to their new website:

Love it!

Random pix

I have been so horrible about adding pix of bella lately, here are a bunch of random shots....Fruit snacks in the toes. Classic!
Playing at the park...shes afraid of heights and debating whether to go down the slide or not.
trying on hats at the childrens place
strike a pose!
shopping at Costco with her pal Macy.
Not wanting to take a picture with daddy
Nanna and Bella
Post traumatic birthday song at the cheesecake factory. She freaked out and covered her eyes when they started singing. WHY DIDNT I TAKE PIX OR VIDEO???
Finally....hanging out with uncle Dallan. She LOVES the Bumbo, even though she gets stuck in it every time!...dallan propped her up on the coffee table with some cheerios and put backyardigans on for her...shes happy as a clam!

New Team Member

Luke Curtis Mattson
Drum roll please!!! Our friends Angela and Mark just had their first baby on Saturday May 2nd at 1:50pm. Hes adorable! Excellent work you guys!

Baby Grace

Oh happy day! Our friends Dallan and Kirsten are as I am typing this on their way to Ghana, Africa to pick up their baby girl! Last October they started the adoption process and through a series of miraculous events a baby was chosen for them. November 9th their baby, Esi Sophia (Esi means Sunday born) was delivered to Linda (the birth mother). They have decided to call her Grace Sophia Livingston. She is absolutely beautiful...

Here she is as a newborn, I love this picture!
Look how cute!!!
I just want to squeeze her! I cant believe how much hair she has already. I think she is 3 months old in this pix.
This is my favorite picture. She is just adorable! I know it sounds crazy, but I think she looks like Kirsten:
You can see how much she is loved which for me would be huge! It would lighten my load so much while I'm a world away! The man in the picture is Percy, he is a social worker in Africa and handles things on that end. I think he looks like Bernie Mac!I am so SO excited for them. This is their first of 2 trips to Africa, they will come back in 10 days and in 3-4 weeks when Grace's visa, etc is approved then they can go back and pick her up. I can't imagine how hard that will be for them but if anyone can do it, they sure can!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

freak out!

FYI: I'm not worried about the swine flu thing anymore, everyone in our area was out of control! I went to Target to get Lysol and hand sanitizer for Dan's office as a courtesy to his patients. (The office is in a gym, there are hundreds of people in and out every day, ya never know who could be sick.) So I get there and they are completely out of hand sanitizer. HUH? I asked about it and they said there was, "a run on the hand sanitizer" they didn't know when they would be getting more but they looked terrified whenever anyone asked about anything even pertaining to antibacterial products.

Does that look harmful to you? Not so much! My first impression: leprechaun embryos. Whats so scary about that??

There was SO much hype about the flu (the flu!) and literally everywhere we went everyone was talking about it and rightly so; the media built it up so big everyone was running around like crazy. Which one would think would only spread the disease even more with all the transference. Seriously people THINK! Why oh why does the media have to build stuff up like that? How do we know when to freak out and when to blow things off?? Too bad i don't have something in my head to tell me what to do...i think i use to have something like that. weird.

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