Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shop Girl

Kirsten Bella and I have been going shopping quite a bit lately to get Kirsten ready to go to Africa. We have trained Bella well! Now when we go to a store she grabs something, holds it up to her and says: "Oh CUTE!!!" Its really kind of sad. Kirsten found an awesome shop called 'Labels' (moreso for retail therapy rather than necessity) Its a second hand shop for designer clothes and bags, shoes etc. It is so awesome! It has a sort of vintage vibe which is so fun. Bella was really excited! She LOVES purses, hats and shoes so much. We took her to the back where all the clearance items were. I'd have to sign my life away for anything else in the store. Once again the pix are really bad because they are from my phone and someone just wont hold still...

Drive by pose
One of the sales ladies fell in love with bella, she picked out a bunch of purses for her to play with. This one was her fav.
Learning how to accessorize with Auntie Kirsten
Woman on a mission, "someone get me a mirror!!!" She was totally thinking that!
Here we are at lunch afterwards. All she would eat is: water, a piece of bread a few peas and parmesan cheese. nutritious.
Taking parm shots.


Angeleah Bertoldo said...

Im' so excited i found your blog finally! Bella is adorable. I'm adding you to my list so I can stay updated!! :) ttyl

Kirsten & Dallan said...

We miss the monster like crazy! Kiss her for us!

Val said...

Bella is going to be such a little shop girl. She is always so dang cute.

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