Wednesday, May 6, 2009

freak out!

FYI: I'm not worried about the swine flu thing anymore, everyone in our area was out of control! I went to Target to get Lysol and hand sanitizer for Dan's office as a courtesy to his patients. (The office is in a gym, there are hundreds of people in and out every day, ya never know who could be sick.) So I get there and they are completely out of hand sanitizer. HUH? I asked about it and they said there was, "a run on the hand sanitizer" they didn't know when they would be getting more but they looked terrified whenever anyone asked about anything even pertaining to antibacterial products.

Does that look harmful to you? Not so much! My first impression: leprechaun embryos. Whats so scary about that??

There was SO much hype about the flu (the flu!) and literally everywhere we went everyone was talking about it and rightly so; the media built it up so big everyone was running around like crazy. Which one would think would only spread the disease even more with all the transference. Seriously people THINK! Why oh why does the media have to build stuff up like that? How do we know when to freak out and when to blow things off?? Too bad i don't have something in my head to tell me what to do...i think i use to have something like that. weird.


Cristin said...

SOmeone told me here that you could get it from eating lots of ham. That made me laugh. No run on hand sanitizer, just cheap pork for sale.

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