Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever!

Last May we started a tradition and with Dan's parents. We went to Wattsonville and picked Strawberries! I wanted to compare to last year, but I couldn't find last years post, maybe I never posted...? (probably! oops!) Anyway, Bella remembered exactly what to do, she grabbed her bucket and immediately started picking berries, she was a little reluctant to eat them but after the first one, she couldn't stop! She started taking bites and then putting them in the bucket. That's right, swiss cheese strawberries! :)
Checking things out...If you look closely at her face, you can see she had been grazing! lol
Our little monster, hard at work.

I had planned on making jam with the berries we picked but I have no idea how and wasnt brave enough to do it without help. If anyone knows how to make jam, or even freezer jam and wants some of the finished product for helping me please let me know!!!

We had a great time and are going back in a few weeks to get more. If you want to go with us or meet us down there let me know, a bunch of us are going together.


Jill Day said...

i don't know if you remember my roommate abbey, but she knows how to make strawberry jam so if you want I can get her recipe for you!

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