Monday, August 25, 2008

Brace your Face!

For the last 7 week days I've been working in Dan's office, everything has been going really well, Bella has been great! Not really destroying everything in her path this time, but helping out and being an excellent greeter and mascot for the practice!

Today is our last day working with daddy and she hasn't really been a happy camper. She is still dealing with being sick and cant go play next door in the day care so she is couped up in here. Dan put her on a chair next to mine at the desk. She was standing up and leaning against the back of the chair, which toppled over and she hit face first on the arm of my chair! Her mouth of course hit the edge so the inside of her mouth is all bloody as it was impaled by her daggers for teeth.

Right now she has calmed down and is laying on my lap, she looks like she has just gotten braces! Poor thing! Her mouth is really swollen and red and blood oozes out now and then....I hope she heals fast! She isn't too happy about this!

Bella Monster Now Comes With a Leash

Saturday was our ward activity, The CVIII (Clayton Valley 3rd) Olympic Games! It was a lot of fun, we had a lot of great games to play...relays, water balloon volleyball, 3 legged races and a bunch of other games. Well we were hanging out at the park, someone was playing "soccer" with Bella monster and Dan and I were cleaning up well we were standing around talking and some lady was like...hey do you guys have a kid missing? There is a little girl wandering around over there....WAY ACROSS THE PARK!!! She was over a hill and in a little valley, completely out of sight. I feel so horrible that I had absolutely no idea where she was! She is so freaking fast! Plus there are a million things that could have happened to her, we couldn't see her at all and she could have easily disappeared, or run into the street or out of the freaks me out thinking about it, which is why I've decided to get the baby leash!

She has a few style options....

I know what you're thinking...there is NO WAY any child will actually wear that thing! I'm sure it's going to be a crazy battle, but at least I'll have peace of mind when we are out and about. I t sounds incredibly cruel, but I think its very necessary when you have a toddler who without a second thought will run from you at light speed. I've found a not so horrible looking harness at this is the best store ever! Albeit a little on the pricey side for some things, but quite handy things that relieve stress for busy moms.

Sunday's Report:

Bella Monster woke up from her nap with a 100.6 fever, not very high, but still a little fever and had a runny nose so we called everyone in nursery and are crossing our fingers that they dont get sick. For petes sake!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Attack of the Insomniac

For the past weekish I havent been able to sleep. Its super crazy, I'm up later and later every night. Last night...almost 4am and then I had to get up and to to work (@ Dan's office) at 7. NO FUN! The sucky thing is there is absolutely no reason for it, its not like I've got a project to work on or take care of a baby or something, I'm just WIDE awake! UGH!

So Meet the Robinsons, is one of my new favorite movies, meet the fam...

Its a totally cute movie and makes me cry every time. I'm totally reduced to watching kid movies all the time, which isnt a problem, bella is happy! But really? Over and over and over again...kinda makes me want to swallow my own head. I think the only musical I've seen in forever is Backyardigans. Thats right folks, your back yard friends!
Usually when i'm majorly sleep deprived I'm like Dr. Krunklehorn, one of my favorite characters in Meet the Robinsons. She is an inventor from Inventco Labs and one of the judges at Lewis’ school science fair. Her latest invention is the caffeine patch, which is like drinking twelve cups of coffee at once. She hasn’t slept 8 in days.

So here is Lucille Krunklehorn at her best!

Seriously, this is how I am when I havent gotten any sleep. Anyone that knew me in college could confirm that! This is without caffeine! Today however, I feel like Goob...Lewis' roomie who is always up at night because Lewis is inventing things. Hes pretty monotone and rambles on and pessimistic...basically how i'm feeling right now. Goob trades in his juice box for a cup of coffee...totally how i feel right now.

If I dont get to sleep tonight I'm totally gonna drink a bottle of Nyquil to "help me get my zzzz!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FHE Group

We started a Family Home Evening group for the young couples in our ward either without children, with babies, or with toddlers in nursery. We figured that if fhe empty nesters can have an FHE group we could too and we rock it so much more than they ever will! :) Besides, it is much more fun to have an intelligent conversation with a big group of people instead of trying to ask our toddler to share her thoughts on the book of mormon. lol.

For the past few months it has been basically 3 other couples & our family but tonight we have approximately 20 people coming PLUS their kids....I dont know how we are going to fit everyone in our house but hopefully it all works out! Our friends are usually over until midnight, so hopefully we can get everyone else to think that FHE is over an hour or so later & then get the after party started with our friends!

Enrichment Activities

So I was called as the Enrichment Leader in our ward a few months ago & its been pretty fun...well it's been summer so we havent done much! lol but they split the calling so that there are 2 co-chairs now so the other lady is in charge of the quarterly activities and I'm in charge of the monthly activities...SO FUN! :) So I've been trying to come up with a lot of fun good activities that will get people involved...What are you guys doing in your wards?

So far we have:

2 Book Clubs
2 Quilting Clubs
Maybe a Bowling Team
Maybe a Volleyball Team
Mothers Group
Park Day
Walking Groups
Humanitarian Aid
GNO (Girls Night Out)
and basic crap

I just think it's not very fun ya know, i think we can jazz it up and make it awesome and appealing to everyone...i'm all for the group thing, but i'm just bored with what we have going on. PLEASE HELP! What would get you to go to a R.S. activity?

Little Swimmer

Bella & I have gone swimming so much this summer, at least a couple times a week until recently when it was way to chilly to take a dip! We started out with just a normal swimsuit for her which of course didn't really work out since she is such a live wire but was a little bit affraid of the water and clung to us like crazy.

We got a suit with a life vest in it, which totally rocks!
She learned how to swim really fast & gained a lot of confidence in the water. She has convinced herself that she is the next female Michael Phelps! :) She isn't half bad really, the only down side is that she is SO confident that she doesn't know that she still cant swim solo yet, as soon as we get to the pool she runs over to it and tries to get in, she has enough buoyancy to stay afloat, but not quite enough to keep her head above water without treading water, a task which she has yet to learn. She is doing really well and I think that if she had been doing this well at the beginning of the summer, she would be swimming completely on her own by now. GO BELLA GO!!!!
Here are a couple of the boy's suits available at right start they are awesome! Totally love them!


So a few months ago Justin & Jill (my bro & sis in law) announced that they are having a baby! Hooray! I cant wait to be an aunt! Your kid is going to be so spoiled Justin! I cant wait! The only sucky thing is that they are all the way in Idaho...that's a way long way!

According to MapQuest its: 848.78 miles between Concord, CA & Rexburg, ID. A little too far really! How the heck can I be the favorite aunt if i'm way far away??? Well we'll see, I have 12 other aunts and uncles to compete with...chances are I'll come in like 5th or 6th...but you better believe I'm gonna fight for first!!!
One thing I can never get over is how fast babies grow while they are in your tummy. Really it feels like for-freaking-ever while you're pregnant, but on the outside looking in, it's so fast & so amazing!
cute little peanut!

She is super cute already! OK, she kinda freaks me out with the "laser beams" coming out of her eye balls! But guess what justin? I think she has your lips!!!! :) $5 says she is a toe head!


Ok so I have gotten really used to our home computers being busted. They have been down since April. Thats right! April. Almost 4 months so I'm sorry for the slacker blog, i totally have to get used to doing this again. We got a new computer but there is something going on with it, my last computer was totally invaded by worms and viruses and absolutely everything was corrupt so our friend is going to set up a restart point for our new computer in case it happens again. Hooray! Hopefully I'll get back into this soon. Sorry for being a slacker!

Monday, August 18, 2008


So Bella is talking up a storm now. Its incredible how much she picks up on, we are really having to watch what we say...ACHOO-KIRSTEN! :) We have been wanting to teach her Spanish and Italian but it is too confusing so we have been sticking with English and sign language which she is picking up on way fast!

Amidst the endless array of baby babel, her is what we have deciphered thus far:

Her words so far are:
Dad / Dada
Mom / Mama...we are working on Mommy
Hewo = Hello
GO GO GO!!!!
Bye / Bye-Bye
E Ya = See Ya
Peese = Please
Ha = Hot
Codie Codie = Cold
Wa = Warm
Wa = Water
Ippy = Sippy
Q = Thank you
Dal = Uncle Dallan
Ti K = Auntie Kirsten (who teaches her bad're on my list)
Cat and she meows
Dog/God...She might be a little dyslexic? She woofs also
Yuv You = Love you
ish = fish
Ree-Ree = Pretty
Yuk & she either makes a guttural sound in her throat or blows raspberries in the air
Ew & She pinches her nose
Adder = Heavenly Father, when we pray
Yeah = Amen
Boop = Poop
Nose & points to it
Eyes, " "
Ears, " "
mouth, she doesn't say it, she just points
Button = Belly button...this is her biggest fetish, she is always playing with her belly button, especially when she is tired or drinking her bottle...when i check on her at night she is asleep with her finger in her button, it cracks me up!

Today she was like MOM! MOM! All Done Mom! :) love it!

Daddy's Fav: Nuggle = Snuggle
My new fav: UH-OH! Which she always says in her loudest voice.

Her favorite phrase that one day came out of no where is:

Why'd you do that??!!

Her signs are:
I = I love you
folds her arms for prayer
High fives & says, Yeah!
and she blows kisses & says MWAH!

Its great that she is talking more, its not all the time, she is totally random, but what comes out is like perfect timing and pure comedy. She thinks she is really funny & totally fake laughs any time someone else is laughing. TOTAL HAM!

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Ok so one of my most favorite recent discoveries is: Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog!

Heres a description of the show according to Wikipedia:

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is a 43-minute musical film produced exclusively for Internet distribution. It tells the story of Dr. Horrible, the aspiring supervillain alter ego of Billy (Neil Patrick Harris); Captain Hammer, his nemesis (Nathan Fillion); and Penny (Felicia Day), their mutual love interest. The movie was written by writer/director Joss Whedon, his brothers Zack Whedon (a television writer) and Jed Whedon (a composer), and Jed's fiancée, actress Maurissa Tancharoen. The writing team penned the musical during the WGA writers' strike. The idea was to create something small and inexpensive, yet professionally done, in a way that would circumvent the issues that were being protested during the strike.[1][2]

It's been the hottest thing on itunes for the past 3 weeks. It's fun to have silly stuff like this around! Its pretty cheezy, but I'm a cornball, so I love it!

Heres one of my fav. songs so far:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Humpty Dumpty

About 3 weeks ago we were enjoying a Bella free day at church...this meant we actually got to focus on our lessons that we taught...everything was going really well, it was her first time alone in nursery & she could have cared less that we werent there! I was sitting in primary and the nursery leader's mom came and got me...totally casual saying that bella bumped her head. So i was thinking, "whatever! She always hits her head!" So the nursery leader meets me in the hall freaking out because bella bumped her head and then "went limp" & now had a goose egg right between her eyes. Very attractive! So I was like no biggie she is fine....not really.

A few minutes after the bump she went from crying and upset to confused and lethargic so I started testing her and looking for signs of a concussion. I took her to the bathroon and put a cold paper towel on her head and started asking her to sign things and say things...the only thing she showed a reaction to was when I mentioned "Daddy". At this point I knew something was really wrong & it was more than just a bump.

So the nursery leaders came out to the foyer where we were and started explaining what really happened. They said that she hit her head a few times before the big bang, BLACKED OUT and STOPPED BREATHING for a few seconds until they picked her up & took her out of the room & she started breathing again. She was totally limp & then started crying. Then I got really concerned because they didnt tell me the whole story until a half an hour later. HELLO!!!!!!!!! So the guys gave her a blessing & we left for the hospital.

We had a hard time keeping her awake for a while, it was also nap time, but we finally got her into the ER & she was swaying & almost fell out of my arms. They were really great, they got her in ASAP and checked her out and we stayed there for a while until she started acting like normal. About 2.5 hours later she was a lot better and probably just had a headache. She hadnt thrown up & was doing well so they didnt want to do any X-Rays or a CAT scan but we had to wake her up every two hours until midnight to make sure she didnt get worse or slip into a coma.
We decided since she was feeling better to just keep her up until 11pm or so which she was happy to do! So she played dress up & pushed her stroller around & danced to west side story until it was time for bed!
The next day she was kind of cranky & had a headache but was totally fine otherwise. The Dr. from the hospital even called to check on her, it was great! I was so happy with everything that happened there! :) Even happier that our little Bella Monster is ok!

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