Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enrichment Activities

So I was called as the Enrichment Leader in our ward a few months ago & its been pretty fun...well it's been summer so we havent done much! lol but they split the calling so that there are 2 co-chairs now so the other lady is in charge of the quarterly activities and I'm in charge of the monthly activities...SO FUN! :) So I've been trying to come up with a lot of fun good activities that will get people involved...What are you guys doing in your wards?

So far we have:

2 Book Clubs
2 Quilting Clubs
Maybe a Bowling Team
Maybe a Volleyball Team
Mothers Group
Park Day
Walking Groups
Humanitarian Aid
GNO (Girls Night Out)
and basic crap

I just think it's not very fun ya know, i think we can jazz it up and make it awesome and appealing to everyone...i'm all for the group thing, but i'm just bored with what we have going on. PLEASE HELP! What would get you to go to a R.S. activity?


Kirsten said...

We have a pedicure night where we all get together and give ourselves pedicures (complete with cute decals and LOTS of yummy snacks!)

I can't believe your Bella bonk story! Yikes that freaks me out!

Jill Day said...

ice cream and cookies get me to go anywhere practically, but I think very few women in your relief society are driven and motivated in life solely by their sweet tooth like I am...you a should do a relief society funniest home video...have the ladies bring home videos of their kids or whatever 9they don't have to be current) and watch them and vote on the funniest ones and give out prizes and have popcorn.

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