Friday, August 15, 2008

Humpty Dumpty

About 3 weeks ago we were enjoying a Bella free day at church...this meant we actually got to focus on our lessons that we taught...everything was going really well, it was her first time alone in nursery & she could have cared less that we werent there! I was sitting in primary and the nursery leader's mom came and got me...totally casual saying that bella bumped her head. So i was thinking, "whatever! She always hits her head!" So the nursery leader meets me in the hall freaking out because bella bumped her head and then "went limp" & now had a goose egg right between her eyes. Very attractive! So I was like no biggie she is fine....not really.

A few minutes after the bump she went from crying and upset to confused and lethargic so I started testing her and looking for signs of a concussion. I took her to the bathroon and put a cold paper towel on her head and started asking her to sign things and say things...the only thing she showed a reaction to was when I mentioned "Daddy". At this point I knew something was really wrong & it was more than just a bump.

So the nursery leaders came out to the foyer where we were and started explaining what really happened. They said that she hit her head a few times before the big bang, BLACKED OUT and STOPPED BREATHING for a few seconds until they picked her up & took her out of the room & she started breathing again. She was totally limp & then started crying. Then I got really concerned because they didnt tell me the whole story until a half an hour later. HELLO!!!!!!!!! So the guys gave her a blessing & we left for the hospital.

We had a hard time keeping her awake for a while, it was also nap time, but we finally got her into the ER & she was swaying & almost fell out of my arms. They were really great, they got her in ASAP and checked her out and we stayed there for a while until she started acting like normal. About 2.5 hours later she was a lot better and probably just had a headache. She hadnt thrown up & was doing well so they didnt want to do any X-Rays or a CAT scan but we had to wake her up every two hours until midnight to make sure she didnt get worse or slip into a coma.
We decided since she was feeling better to just keep her up until 11pm or so which she was happy to do! So she played dress up & pushed her stroller around & danced to west side story until it was time for bed!
The next day she was kind of cranky & had a headache but was totally fine otherwise. The Dr. from the hospital even called to check on her, it was great! I was so happy with everything that happened there! :) Even happier that our little Bella Monster is ok!


Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Wow... That is scary. I'm glad she is ok and everything worked out well.

Cristin said...

Why would those nursery leaders wait to tell you the real story. That is weird and scary.

Kelly said...

wow, what a story! That's really weird that they didn't tell you entire story upfront. But I'm glad everything worked out in the end!

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