Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunshine On My Shoulder

On the Tilden Park Train...with bonus: Auntie Kirsten in the background!

Bella never seems to be down in the dumps. How could she be? Shes 2 years old for crying out loud. The world is her oyster and boy does she know it! The most traumatizing thing for her is when she doesn't get to wear her favorite princess dress all day every day or get to live on the slide at the park. She gets over it tolerably well, she just needs to say goodbye and life is good. Closure. Good lesson to learn early in life. lol.

With so many changes taking place in our lives and a crazy schedule to maintain, I have a tendency to get down and some days I really need to work extra hard at being happy and upbeat. Bella is such a great little motivator for me! We have such a great time together and she always seems to lift my spirits.

The other day I was really frustrated. I had just come home from school and Bella instead of getting into the car, broke free and ran in the opposite direction towards the park. After wrestling with her we got back to the car and drove to our apartment, got the mail and were headed upstairs when I realized I had left my purse in the parking lot. I zoomed back and luckily it was there, no problems minus the fact that I had run it over, lol. We got home and Bella snuggled up on the couch and asked for a drink (a tactic she uses to prolong going down for a nap) I reluctantly gave it to her and went into the kitchen to clean up...without being prompted she said, "Thank you Mommy!" for the first time EVER. Immediately my heart melted and all of my frustrations went away.

The next day after her nap, we were getting ready to go for a walk and after getting her shoes on and hair fixed she felt the bow on her head, turned around and gave me a big hug and said, "Oh Mommy, thank you very much!" I just wanted to sit there and cry. What a great moment!

I am so grateful for her and the little...well, big boosts she gives me. LOVE YOU BELLA!!!!!

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