Friday, October 17, 2008

Super Saturday

Ok. Kill me please! Enrichment leader...not so much fun! Just kidding. It is great, its just a lot of work. I've been working on a super saturday for a few months now. It was suppose to take place tomorrow. Due to the work we all need to put into prop 8 we decided to move it to Nov 8th after the election...fine by me i'll just be in the corner in a fetal position until then. Seriously it's crazy.

Some people even commented that my crafts werent super enough...well guess what? dont sign up! Plus i figured with the economy totally sucking right now people might appreciate easier cheaper things to create. Ok so be honest and tell me if they suck because i really want to know.

If you could give me ideas of what you've seen or what you've done at your activites or on your own, i'd really appreciate it for future activities. Muchos Gracias!

1. Treat Buckets.
These are really popular in the scrapbooking world right now.
You can use them for gift boxes, for treats or trick-or-treat buckets...really versitle and fun!
2. Cookie in a Jar...Pretty basic, and a cheap gift!
3. Holiday Cards...Easy peasy and fun to make
4. Frankenstein Head...only the face a mother could love!

5. Pumpkin Cubes
6. Scrapbook Calendars.
This could not be more easy. Its a 14 month calendar, all you have to do is select the layouts you want.
I am pre-making kits for everyone so all they have to do is
bring pictures and adhesive and go to town!

7.Quilt Panel.
Ok don't freak out! You can do a simple wall hanging, or you can go all out and make a quilt.
All we are doing the day of the activity is the front pannel...straight stitching only so it will be pretty easy!
8. Latex Lettering, we did custom orders for everyone

We had wreaths and mini albums but we decided not to do them...well thats all! Let me know what you for the crappy pix! I was in a hurry when i took them!


I never thought this could happen to me. Yah right! That is ridiculous to think something like that in times such as these. I called our landlord to inform her of general maintenance that needed to be done on the house...oh yeah and that the heater was blowing out cold air. lol minor problem...I also wanted to talk to her about extending our lease that is ending mid December....

She responded saying: Oh! I've been meaning to talk to you about that! and proceeded to give me this ginormous sob story about their financial situation and that her husband has been out of work and bla bla bla....not my problem. Bottom line is: they might be losing the house we are in. They are 1 month behind on their mortgage and will soon be in the beginning of the foreclosure process.

Awesome huh? I'm so glad we found out now instead of when the sherrif came a knockin on our door! :) So we have 6 weeks to pack up and go. I'm pretty stoked because that is the longest amount of time we have ever had to get ready for a move, so as of this week i have already contacted 2 realtors, viewed several properties and have started to de-craptify my house.

OOOOOOOOO Yeah! Ahead of the game! Hopefully we'll be able to find something that we can get into...i'd like to have a yard, bella's favorite thing to do is run around like a crazy head so that would really help me out! :)

We have been checking craigs list, 6 weeks from our moving date gives us time, but not really the option as things are going fast in this market. It seems like every day we hear about someone new losing their home. Any advice would be spectacular! :)

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