Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blog & Scrapbooking Resources

Ok I was just called to the enrichment committe in our new ward and I am in charge of scrapbooking! HOORAY!!!!!!!! And I was thinking...holy crap I dont have a lot of experience and I totally have my own style so I should get some new ideas. So today I was browsing a scrapbooking website and I came across a few blogs that have great ideas and actually create blogs and fonts and you name it. I'm going to add links for their sites in my favorite things, but here they are also...

There are a million more out there but those are just a few that are way cute. Oh yeah the website I was looking at is:

Its kind of a hit and miss site and you have to dig for what you want, but they have some cute ideas every once in a while

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pampered Chef

From time to time Bella likes to "help me cook". Rather than letting her pull absolutely everything out of the cupboards I usually give her a pot and a big spoon or a whisk or something and it totally works...we also have the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Kitchen that she loves, but if I bring it into the kitchen also the world falls here we are in the kitchen....cue chef Bella

Valentines Day

This was Bella's first Val's was a lot of fun! We all hung out together...Dan had a half day so here is what we did: Bella and I went shopping and got a red heart shaped balloon....she didnt really know what to do with it, but still thought it was pretty awesome...we went shopping for Daddy's presents...we made a scavenger hunt for him and he had to go around the house and get all the presents in all the places which eventually led him back to the car and we went out to lunch together. Oh yeah and dont worry, he had flowers and gifts for me too! :) We figured that everyone would be going out for dinner and even though it would be a lot of fun to go out to dinner with bella at her bed time and ruin everyones Valentines Day, we ought to just go to lunch and relax at home that night. Then we got some videos and hung out at home all evening...well at least Dan and Bella did. I totally crashed as soon as we popped the first dvd in. Man am I a hot date!

Into The Woods

So behind our house is a charming little greenbelt area, I love it! Bella and I spent a few hours behind there taking pix and discovering things last friday. Our complex is great, it is so quiet and our townhome is at a dead end in the back so there isnt any traffic...just a little creek and unfortunately some mosquitos, but fortunately they havent been a bother so far...i just need to get some traps before summer gets are the most recent pix of the bella monster...

Ok...see the path in front of the fake rock on the right? Our townhome is about 15 steps in that direction
oooooo sprinkler!

more to come later....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Little Bella Monster

I know what you're thinking. What an adorable little girl! She must be so good! Cant hurt a fly. Well dont be fooled! Dont get me wrong, she is adorable and she is a wonderful little girl, but these past few days I have been seriously questioning my desire to have children. Ok it's not that bad, but really I am so so tired. Since Friday morning at 2am Bella has been sick. On top of which I have been working with her in Dans office. It really wouldnt be as bad if I didnt have to baracade her in a 10'x3.5' area with me and be nice to patients as they come in all the live long day. And prepare a talk for Sunday. Kill me now.

New Discovery: Molars. What the heck???? The first 8 teeth in problem! she got a little fussy, but nothing we couldnt handle...a little extra tlc and it's over. This time it's like HOLY CRAP I'M GONNA DIE! I feel really bad for these little guys, its gotta be rough. And you'd think that she sould want to sleep it off...not so much. She either has no naps at all, or has a monster nap and then is up for most of the night.

Needless to say, I'm not so thrilled with her evil twin that has come to replace her! She is so whiny and gets so upset at ANYTHING now, its crazy! She has never been like this at all. Her routine is totally thrown off, which has thrown my routine completely off...I am doing all I can just to avoid breaking down and crying because I just dont know how to read her and I dont know what to do half the time to comfort her. This is really hard!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I Apologize

Ok I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts or lack of interesting posts in which case I apologize for my entire blog! lol ok just kidding. We just signed up for internet yesterday and it wont be hooked up until next Tuesday...Cross your fingers! In the mean time for the last month-ish I have been checking my email and updating my blog (not really!) from Dan's office when I go in...maybe once a's been kinda crazy and I promise to get some updated pix and flix and new posts up as soon as I can...Until then I am so sorry! I promise to get more up asap.

Bumps, Blood & Bruises

I feel like lately all Bella does is get hurt. She barely recovers from her last injury and then bam, she falls down or something. The last injury was the worst, she fell down holding a sippy cup in her mouth and cut the inside of her was right in the front and she actually bit a chunk of skin off! She was bleeding everywhere but it stopped after a few minutes...Im glad she didnt need to get stiches. I feel so bad, I think I actually made it worse! I gave her a piece of ice to suck on and it stuck to her mouth right where the cut was! I felt like the worst mother ever! Other than that she has been falling a lot...why is it always on the face???? Her eyes seem to be the biggest target lately, right under the corner of her eye on both sides now that I think about it she has either fallen and hit her face on the furnature or on a toy, cd case, you name it. She hits her nogen on stuff, but luckily her hair is growing so that doesnt show much.

Current Status:

Last night she started feeling a bit feverish, she wasnt feeling too well and I was taking pix of her at dinner, all she did was scowl at me! It was pretty funny I took pix of her anyway and only got one smile...then I gave her a tubby and she didnt want to play, which is TOTALLY out of character for her. Usually she is pulling of her clothes and diaper and cant wait to get in, she screams and sings and plays for at least 20 minutes every night. It's pretty fun! But, last night, all she did was sit there and lean forward and immerse herself in the water and then was shivering uncontrollably when I took her out. She almost fell asleep in her towel when I pulled her out and was brushing her teeth...then I looked in her mouth and she had 2 molars cutting through. AH HA! After I got her dressed she started feeling warmer and then woke up at 2 this morning and was BURNING UP. She had...and still has a temperature of 103 degrees. She has been cooling down and then heating up again since 2 this morning and is currently keeping me warm and leaning on me while I type. She has been very clingy and wakes up the second I put her down...hopefully she feels better soon!

Im going to call her pediatrition just to make sure everything is kosher...its freaking me out that she has had a persistant fever for 8 hours....

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