Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Little Bella Monster

I know what you're thinking. What an adorable little girl! She must be so good! Cant hurt a fly. Well dont be fooled! Dont get me wrong, she is adorable and she is a wonderful little girl, but these past few days I have been seriously questioning my desire to have children. Ok it's not that bad, but really I am so so tired. Since Friday morning at 2am Bella has been sick. On top of which I have been working with her in Dans office. It really wouldnt be as bad if I didnt have to baracade her in a 10'x3.5' area with me and be nice to patients as they come in all the live long day. And prepare a talk for Sunday. Kill me now.

New Discovery: Molars. What the heck???? The first 8 teeth in problem! she got a little fussy, but nothing we couldnt handle...a little extra tlc and it's over. This time it's like HOLY CRAP I'M GONNA DIE! I feel really bad for these little guys, its gotta be rough. And you'd think that she sould want to sleep it off...not so much. She either has no naps at all, or has a monster nap and then is up for most of the night.

Needless to say, I'm not so thrilled with her evil twin that has come to replace her! She is so whiny and gets so upset at ANYTHING now, its crazy! She has never been like this at all. Her routine is totally thrown off, which has thrown my routine completely off...I am doing all I can just to avoid breaking down and crying because I just dont know how to read her and I dont know what to do half the time to comfort her. This is really hard!


Cristin said...

That's a great picture of her in the high chair. I'm excited to see you guys. Luke and Bella are going to have a blast together.

tracidove said...

My family would call that last look "the Poopy face"

NelsonFamily said...

I LOVE the pictures! She does look like a beautiful darling little girl! How fun to have that greenbelt right behind you house!

As for the evil twin bit, I am right there in the same boat with you, sista! It has been quite a challenge and there have been more than a few tears shed (more mine that Eli's) with wondering what the heck I am going to with a little toddler monster and a new baby! But I must say, things are getting better. Eli is working through some of his evil twin-ness is starting to dissipate. Naps have still been a bit irregular or skipped altogether, but the sweet little man I love so dearly is reemerging! Thank heavens!

Just stick with it. I tried moving Eli's naptime up by half hour to an hour and that seemed to help, but wasn't fool proof. Tylenol and baby orajel have been our saviors. We made it through the first four molars. Now it is the bicuspids that are throwing the wrench in the works. Teeth are just a pain your whole life!

Good luck! Have a nice trip to Vegas! I wish we could meet you there!

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