Friday, March 28, 2008

The Hills

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! Maybe it's pathetic, but I cant believe how much I have gotten into the show. I remember a few years ago when it first started I was like, la-ame! but now I Ti-vo every episode and I get so worked up about everything. Like their stupid boy friends and stuff.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, heres a brief run down:

The Hills follows Lauren Conrad ("LC" from Laguna Beach) as she makes the move from her O.C. digs to Los Angeles, where she will chase her dreams of entering the fashion business (Teen Vogue) while balancing a full course load at college and a full social calendar. Through Lauren we meet her new roommate (Heidi) who aspires to make the LA nightlife her whole life, the sorority girl who aspires to work in fashion (Whitney) and a receptionist who wants to be a model/actress (Audrina...who we are pretty sure is one of the 'So you think you can dance' judges daughters, they look so much alike). These four girls take full advantage of being in the "in" crowd of LA, hopping from club, to party, to hot restaurant as they live the Hollywood lifestyle.

Its kind of unbelieveable to see the opportunities these people have and totally take for granted, so many people would kill to be in their shoes. It really is very lame I should totally get over it...maybe someday I will!

Quality Time

So lately, Dan and I have been going out of our way to spend more quality time together. It has been so hard with bella, moving and getting our buisness going to actually do stuff together so here we are making an attempt to do maybe next week we'll actually get out of the house for a date!


Bella has been learning how to eat with forks and spoons for the past few you can see in her birthday pix she tries to use a shovel to eat her cupcake! :) here are a few samples...

cake is better with a shovel!

breakfast is always better with garbage in the background...sorry about that!

when all else fails, forget the fork, follow the path of least resistance.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stink Eye

OK so this week Bella has been picking up on a lot of things. She started out the week babbling and just going off for a long time in indistinguishable dialect. She was talking to some little boy who was talking to her, so I asked him if he knew what she was saying and he just stared back at me you're a freak. Well if he doesn't know who will? Jeez!

So all week words have been forming...Please and Thank You came out on Monday, Bye and I Love You on Tuesday, and oh yeah she has been high fiving for a few weeks but I forgot to mention it...but this week she started smacking our hands instead of just putting her hand on our hands and she goes...Yeah! When she does it. I LOVE IT!

What else....Oh yeah, She started folding her arms and squinting her eyes during gotta keep your eye on things after all...and we have been trying to get her to blink on command which she does sporadically, it's really funny...

Now for the best part...that's right, stink eye. When she is doing something that she isn't suppose to be doing and I catch her and ask her to bring whatever she has to me she gives me stink eye....she totally gets when to use it and it cracks me up and then she laughs and then doesn't get that she is in trouble.

One more thing. We have been working a lot on stuff she is and isn't suppose to do. I'll sign no and say No don't do that or something and she will turn to the thing and say no no no and then turn to my mom and tell her the same thing, no no no! it's SO funny...she is always in control.

Girly Girl

Bella is a big fan of purses, ribbons, shiny sparkly stuff, dresses, pink...anything girly really...she is all over it. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It is so much fun dressing her up and getting her excited to go go go! She loves it. Her new fettish that we can thank daddy for is SHOES!!!! I was trying shoes on her the other day when we were shopping and she was getting mad at me because she didnt have anything on her feet. it was hilarious! Now if she doesnt have any on, or she sees shoes that are hers, she grabs them, hands them to me, crawls up on my lap and sticks her foot up in the air, like HELLO!!!! you need to get my shoes on me right now. Today was a break through in fits for her which she has just started doing...anyway i put the wrong shoes on her and she got mad and threw herself on the floor. OH MY GOSH!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old

Oh my gosh, this is probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life!

Dinner In The Sky

I got this email from a friend of mine and it made my hands sweaty and my stomach sick just looking about the pictures its crazy awesome! Here is the article...check it out...

Dinner is served -165 feet up

Here's a dining concept that'll make your head, if not your stomach‚ spin: It's dinner at a table suspended 165 feet in the air with chairs that swivel 180 degrees.

Dubbed Dinner in the Sky, the attraction is making its U.S. debut Monday in Orlando at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention. About 25,000 attendees are expected at the one-stop-shopping event, where the amusement industry rolls out new thrill rides and related products.

The high-flying dining venue was introduced in Europe last year and consists of a platform suspended from a crane. Guests are harnessed into 22 seats, with space in the center for a chef and two helpers. With local officials' blessings, the platform can be transported to just about anywhere the crane can maneuver. One recent spot: in front of the Amiens Cathedral in France, with dinner prepared by a three-star Michelin chef. David Ghysels, co-founder of the Belgium-based company sees all sorts of U.S. possibilities for the dangling restaurant, including air space over the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and golf courses.

'I think human beings always like to see what's happening from the air,' he says.' And there are so many wonderful natural spots in the U.S. Dinner in the Sky could go anywhere.'

I think this is pretty awesome. I know I would probably chicken out, but I think if Dan went with me I would totally do it!

I've started to realize what a wuss I have become in the past few years. Ok just since I found out I was pregnant with Bella. I use to be like, sure lets go base jumping, or heck yah I'll climb half dome, no worries, white water rafting, piece of cake....but now I'm like ridiculously affraid to even think of doing stuff like that. What if something happened to me? What would happen to Bella? It probably is unreasonable to think about it like that because I'm not a reckless person but I do enjoy doing stuff like that...minus the base jumping....maybe hang gliding or something....anyway I hope I get over this at some point because I really do want to climb half dome someday....I totally want to go rafting...and so much dinner in the sky...bring it 10-15 years.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At Least We Dont Have To Worry About Her Head Getting Too Big

In this case I mean it literally. Yesterday we went to the doctor for Bella's first visit with her new pediatrition and he said that she is in the 90th percentile for height and weight but 30th for her head size...I never thought of her as having a small head! I think she is perfect....of course I am her mother and completely biast but who wouldnt be? :) The doctor didnt have her records from her previous pediatrition so he couldnt compare and see if she is growing at her normal rate or if there is a problem...she hasnt had any developmental problems and as you know is always happy unless teething or super for now no worries...I'm still a little freaked out though and praying she is ok.

The Dreaded Day Has Come

So I've always heard my friends and family talk about how their kids poop in the tub. One of my friends has a jet tub and her child without fail will save it up until he is in that tub with the jets on i might can imagine how much fun that is to clean! So last night it was tubby time as usual. I had just put Bella in and my mom and I were talking while Bella was playing in the tub not really paying attention and then all of a sudden she starts to fuss and try to climb out of the tub like she was is what we found...

Not only did she poop, she monster pooped in the tub. I couldnt belive it! Hence the disgusting picture on the blog. Whats more is that I had to clean it out. GROSS! I had to touch poop!!! Not that this is a new thing since I've been changing messy poopy diapers for over a year now, but its different when you have to pick up mass quantities of it as opposed to accidentally getting it all over you when your child is kicking and wiggling all over the place like a monkey while you're trying to change them. Anyway, hopefully she doesnt make a habit of pooping in the tub...i'm really hoping this is her first and last pooping incident in the tub! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! SO for the past few months as we have been in transition, it has been difficult to sleep at night. Mostly because of the delightful little wedge we had in our bed with us...The Bella Monster. She got into the habit of sleeping with us when we were living with Dan's parents for a few months in San Jose. We didnt have very much room so it made more sense for her to sleep in our bed with us. She has never been really easy to put down. Anyone that has babysatt her will second that! :) She wakes up and is ready to run around the second you let go of her so you have to be smooth.

While I was visiting my mom we decided to break her of this and it totally worked! We kind of had a "Double Whammy" and weened her as well...thats right no more nursing. I have mixed feelings about that....anyway, we borrowed a port-a-crib from a friend and right after her tubby at night we would give her a bottle and put her down. She put up a good fight for the first few nights, but now, she just lays there, whines for about a minute and five seconds and then she is done. PEACE OUT! ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!

Insert dance of joy here!

The other thing: not nursing. I really feel bad that I am not going to be nursing her longer. I love knowing that she is getting so much nurishment from breastmilk...however, it is kind of nice to not have to nurse her...have you ever seen finding nemo? You know the star fish in the tank, how she peels back and talks to everyone...that was bella...about 50,000 times if she was was impossible to get her to focus so I am really not going to miss that! :)

PS not that I am thinking of doing this any time soon, but when is the right time to start training your toddler to sleep in a big kid bed instead of a crib?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bella's First Birthday Party!

Today we had Bella's first birthday party! It was a lot of fun, Dan's family, my mom, and my aunt and uncle and their family were here, we had a luau theme...i usually do that theme because I have eveything! lol I know its lame, but it's really easy and its always fun! :)

So we had her party a few days after her b-day, it was a lot of fun, great weather, and just cute. I was so busy i hardly took any pix, but i guess everyone else did so i'm waiting to get them back...sorry i didnt get anything up on here sooner! here are a few of her eating a cupcake! She was more interested in the flower shaped sprinkles than the cupcake itself! lol good deal! I know she is totally addicted to chocolate, if she ever smells it she is like GIMMIE...of course we dont ever let her have it, but she had some chocolate cake once and was totally on a sugar high...anyway thats why we did a yellow cake with vanilla frosting! :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 4th 2008

What an interesting day!!!!! Being Bellas first birthday, it totally turned out differently than I thought it would! Bella and I were out of town so Dan and I decided to celebrate it together on Thursday when he has a day off and we are having a party for her this weekend, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!

So I went to visit my mom the past 2 weeks and help her do some stuff around the house. We had such a great time until a few days after I got there. I got totally sick...sicker than I've been since I had mono, it was really horrible, I lost my voice and crashed for like 3 fun! I totally blame Bella. :) j/k she was sick while she was teething and then I got sick....some of my mom's neighbors were over with their kids that had been sick and I think I may have gotten it from them...I still say it still could have been Bella. :)

Bella and I flew home last night. It was a totally different experience flying with her this time around....holy crap!!!!!!! I called southwest to make sure I could bring water and formula and they said I could bring the little bottles of water, so I got through security and they made me make the formula or dump the water...nice huh? So, I got a banana a sandwich and more water just before we boarded so Bella would have something to eat on the cost me $13 dollars! I couldnt believe it...well kinda, airport stuff is always insainely overpriced, but i think $1.29 for a banana is a little much!

We got onto the plane and she was soo excited....I kind of ran down the loading ramp thing onto the plane and she loved that so it was all my fault, I started it all....then after i got her out of the stroller, she ran onto the plane...thankfully a really nice flight attendant stopped her and distracted her with some wings and a coloring book, THANK YOU! She was so nice, she kept checking on us and bringing us stuff...there werent very many people on the flight so that helped too. Anyway, Bella started screaming DAD! DADADADADA DAD DAD DAD!!! Ok people, dirty looks not necessary, thanks anyway!

Then, since bella was extremely exhausted, it was past her bed time, she had just eaten an entire banana, 1.75 bottles, some turkey from the sandwich and probably a piece of paper or something she started jumping up and down and lunging forward and almost biffed it, so I sat her up and she puked all over herself and me. I cleaned her up and then she did it again. At this point I was seriously considering jumping out of the plane and leaving her there to slowly drive everyone crazy. I finally got her settled down over the next 20 minutes and then just before we landed...literally, she fell asleep. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She stayed asleep until after we got our bags and were on our way out to the car.

Bella was REALLY happy to see Daddy and didnt stop smiling all night. I'm so happy to be home!

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