Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Dreaded Day Has Come

So I've always heard my friends and family talk about how their kids poop in the tub. One of my friends has a jet tub and her child without fail will save it up until he is in that tub with the jets on i might can imagine how much fun that is to clean! So last night it was tubby time as usual. I had just put Bella in and my mom and I were talking while Bella was playing in the tub not really paying attention and then all of a sudden she starts to fuss and try to climb out of the tub like she was is what we found...

Not only did she poop, she monster pooped in the tub. I couldnt belive it! Hence the disgusting picture on the blog. Whats more is that I had to clean it out. GROSS! I had to touch poop!!! Not that this is a new thing since I've been changing messy poopy diapers for over a year now, but its different when you have to pick up mass quantities of it as opposed to accidentally getting it all over you when your child is kicking and wiggling all over the place like a monkey while you're trying to change them. Anyway, hopefully she doesnt make a habit of pooping in the tub...i'm really hoping this is her first and last pooping incident in the tub! :)


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