Monday, March 10, 2008

FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! SO for the past few months as we have been in transition, it has been difficult to sleep at night. Mostly because of the delightful little wedge we had in our bed with us...The Bella Monster. She got into the habit of sleeping with us when we were living with Dan's parents for a few months in San Jose. We didnt have very much room so it made more sense for her to sleep in our bed with us. She has never been really easy to put down. Anyone that has babysatt her will second that! :) She wakes up and is ready to run around the second you let go of her so you have to be smooth.

While I was visiting my mom we decided to break her of this and it totally worked! We kind of had a "Double Whammy" and weened her as well...thats right no more nursing. I have mixed feelings about that....anyway, we borrowed a port-a-crib from a friend and right after her tubby at night we would give her a bottle and put her down. She put up a good fight for the first few nights, but now, she just lays there, whines for about a minute and five seconds and then she is done. PEACE OUT! ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!

Insert dance of joy here!

The other thing: not nursing. I really feel bad that I am not going to be nursing her longer. I love knowing that she is getting so much nurishment from breastmilk...however, it is kind of nice to not have to nurse her...have you ever seen finding nemo? You know the star fish in the tank, how she peels back and talks to everyone...that was bella...about 50,000 times if she was was impossible to get her to focus so I am really not going to miss that! :)

PS not that I am thinking of doing this any time soon, but when is the right time to start training your toddler to sleep in a big kid bed instead of a crib?


NelsonFamily said...

Sorry about the poop in the tub incident - and I am glad to see you posted a picture of it! I thought I was totally insane for wanting to take a picture of Eli's first pee in the toilet. If that makes me insane, at least I am in good company!

I don't know about the toddler bed thing. Brandon and I were talking about getting Eli in one before we had the baby, but Brandon brought up a very valid point - Eli would be able to run amuck without the four safe, containing walls of his crib. So we decided to keep him in his crib until he figures out how to climb out of it.

I was a bit sad when I stopped breast feeding, too. That was the only time Eli would hold still long enough to be snuggled. But from a nutritional standpoint, little kidlets need other stuff after 1 year of age, if that makes you feel any better.

I am still waiting to see some pictures of Bella's party!!!!

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