Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stink Eye

OK so this week Bella has been picking up on a lot of things. She started out the week babbling and just going off for a long time in indistinguishable dialect. She was talking to some little boy who was talking to her, so I asked him if he knew what she was saying and he just stared back at me you're a freak. Well if he doesn't know who will? Jeez!

So all week words have been forming...Please and Thank You came out on Monday, Bye and I Love You on Tuesday, and oh yeah she has been high fiving for a few weeks but I forgot to mention it...but this week she started smacking our hands instead of just putting her hand on our hands and she goes...Yeah! When she does it. I LOVE IT!

What else....Oh yeah, She started folding her arms and squinting her eyes during gotta keep your eye on things after all...and we have been trying to get her to blink on command which she does sporadically, it's really funny...

Now for the best part...that's right, stink eye. When she is doing something that she isn't suppose to be doing and I catch her and ask her to bring whatever she has to me she gives me stink eye....she totally gets when to use it and it cracks me up and then she laughs and then doesn't get that she is in trouble.

One more thing. We have been working a lot on stuff she is and isn't suppose to do. I'll sign no and say No don't do that or something and she will turn to the thing and say no no no and then turn to my mom and tell her the same thing, no no no! it's SO funny...she is always in control.


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