Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 4th 2008

What an interesting day!!!!! Being Bellas first birthday, it totally turned out differently than I thought it would! Bella and I were out of town so Dan and I decided to celebrate it together on Thursday when he has a day off and we are having a party for her this weekend, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!

So I went to visit my mom the past 2 weeks and help her do some stuff around the house. We had such a great time until a few days after I got there. I got totally sick...sicker than I've been since I had mono, it was really horrible, I lost my voice and crashed for like 3 fun! I totally blame Bella. :) j/k she was sick while she was teething and then I got sick....some of my mom's neighbors were over with their kids that had been sick and I think I may have gotten it from them...I still say it still could have been Bella. :)

Bella and I flew home last night. It was a totally different experience flying with her this time around....holy crap!!!!!!! I called southwest to make sure I could bring water and formula and they said I could bring the little bottles of water, so I got through security and they made me make the formula or dump the water...nice huh? So, I got a banana a sandwich and more water just before we boarded so Bella would have something to eat on the cost me $13 dollars! I couldnt believe it...well kinda, airport stuff is always insainely overpriced, but i think $1.29 for a banana is a little much!

We got onto the plane and she was soo excited....I kind of ran down the loading ramp thing onto the plane and she loved that so it was all my fault, I started it all....then after i got her out of the stroller, she ran onto the plane...thankfully a really nice flight attendant stopped her and distracted her with some wings and a coloring book, THANK YOU! She was so nice, she kept checking on us and bringing us stuff...there werent very many people on the flight so that helped too. Anyway, Bella started screaming DAD! DADADADADA DAD DAD DAD!!! Ok people, dirty looks not necessary, thanks anyway!

Then, since bella was extremely exhausted, it was past her bed time, she had just eaten an entire banana, 1.75 bottles, some turkey from the sandwich and probably a piece of paper or something she started jumping up and down and lunging forward and almost biffed it, so I sat her up and she puked all over herself and me. I cleaned her up and then she did it again. At this point I was seriously considering jumping out of the plane and leaving her there to slowly drive everyone crazy. I finally got her settled down over the next 20 minutes and then just before we landed...literally, she fell asleep. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She stayed asleep until after we got our bags and were on our way out to the car.

Bella was REALLY happy to see Daddy and didnt stop smiling all night. I'm so happy to be home!


Cristin said...

OH! It all makes sense now why I never heard from you guys - you flew home! Lucky you! Except the puking on the place sounds awful. How horrible. Traveling with kids is not fun. I hope you are feeling better!

NelsonFamily said...

Happy Birthday, little one! Can you believe it has been a year already?? The puke story does sound pretty bad. Nothing accessorizes an outfit like vomit, eh? Traveling with kids definitely adds a whole new dimension to things. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I bet it was nice to have your mom able to take care of Bella while you were out cold.

I am excited to see pictures of her party. She is so darn cute!

NelsonFamily said...

I forgot to tell you a flying-with-naughty-toddlers tip that my friend gave me. She told me to always sit on the very back of the plane. Most people aren't going to crane their necks around to look behind them to give you a dirty look when your child is piercing their eardrums with screams or kicking their seats.

Sally Anderson said...

That sounds totally awful em. I can't believe she is a year old! nuts! love ya and miss ya!

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