Monday, August 25, 2008

Brace your Face!

For the last 7 week days I've been working in Dan's office, everything has been going really well, Bella has been great! Not really destroying everything in her path this time, but helping out and being an excellent greeter and mascot for the practice!

Today is our last day working with daddy and she hasn't really been a happy camper. She is still dealing with being sick and cant go play next door in the day care so she is couped up in here. Dan put her on a chair next to mine at the desk. She was standing up and leaning against the back of the chair, which toppled over and she hit face first on the arm of my chair! Her mouth of course hit the edge so the inside of her mouth is all bloody as it was impaled by her daggers for teeth.

Right now she has calmed down and is laying on my lap, she looks like she has just gotten braces! Poor thing! Her mouth is really swollen and red and blood oozes out now and then....I hope she heals fast! She isn't too happy about this!


Sally Anderson said...

i am so sorry about that. I hate it when stuff happens to clara. I hope you are ok.

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