Friday, August 22, 2008

Attack of the Insomniac

For the past weekish I havent been able to sleep. Its super crazy, I'm up later and later every night. Last night...almost 4am and then I had to get up and to to work (@ Dan's office) at 7. NO FUN! The sucky thing is there is absolutely no reason for it, its not like I've got a project to work on or take care of a baby or something, I'm just WIDE awake! UGH!

So Meet the Robinsons, is one of my new favorite movies, meet the fam...

Its a totally cute movie and makes me cry every time. I'm totally reduced to watching kid movies all the time, which isnt a problem, bella is happy! But really? Over and over and over again...kinda makes me want to swallow my own head. I think the only musical I've seen in forever is Backyardigans. Thats right folks, your back yard friends!
Usually when i'm majorly sleep deprived I'm like Dr. Krunklehorn, one of my favorite characters in Meet the Robinsons. She is an inventor from Inventco Labs and one of the judges at Lewis’ school science fair. Her latest invention is the caffeine patch, which is like drinking twelve cups of coffee at once. She hasn’t slept 8 in days.

So here is Lucille Krunklehorn at her best!

Seriously, this is how I am when I havent gotten any sleep. Anyone that knew me in college could confirm that! This is without caffeine! Today however, I feel like Goob...Lewis' roomie who is always up at night because Lewis is inventing things. Hes pretty monotone and rambles on and pessimistic...basically how i'm feeling right now. Goob trades in his juice box for a cup of coffee...totally how i feel right now.

If I dont get to sleep tonight I'm totally gonna drink a bottle of Nyquil to "help me get my zzzz!"


Brooke and BJ said...

So, ummm, yeah....I TOTALLY remember those college days hehe! In fact, Elliot was looking at some of my old pictures the other day and came across that one of us not even half way done with some pictures for Bro. Parson's class and it's after midnight....good times! I hope you can get some sleep!

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