Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Swimmer

Bella & I have gone swimming so much this summer, at least a couple times a week until recently when it was way to chilly to take a dip! We started out with just a normal swimsuit for her which of course didn't really work out since she is such a live wire but was a little bit affraid of the water and clung to us like crazy.

We got a suit with a life vest in it, which totally rocks!
She learned how to swim really fast & gained a lot of confidence in the water. She has convinced herself that she is the next female Michael Phelps! :) She isn't half bad really, the only down side is that she is SO confident that she doesn't know that she still cant swim solo yet, as soon as we get to the pool she runs over to it and tries to get in, she has enough buoyancy to stay afloat, but not quite enough to keep her head above water without treading water, a task which she has yet to learn. She is doing really well and I think that if she had been doing this well at the beginning of the summer, she would be swimming completely on her own by now. GO BELLA GO!!!!
Here are a couple of the boy's suits available at right start they are awesome! Totally love them!


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