Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So a few months ago Justin & Jill (my bro & sis in law) announced that they are having a baby! Hooray! I cant wait to be an aunt! Your kid is going to be so spoiled Justin! I cant wait! The only sucky thing is that they are all the way in Idaho...that's a way long way!

According to MapQuest its: 848.78 miles between Concord, CA & Rexburg, ID. A little too far really! How the heck can I be the favorite aunt if i'm way far away??? Well we'll see, I have 12 other aunts and uncles to compete with...chances are I'll come in like 5th or 6th...but you better believe I'm gonna fight for first!!!
One thing I can never get over is how fast babies grow while they are in your tummy. Really it feels like for-freaking-ever while you're pregnant, but on the outside looking in, it's so fast & so amazing!
cute little peanut!

She is super cute already! OK, she kinda freaks me out with the "laser beams" coming out of her eye balls! But guess what justin? I think she has your lips!!!! :) $5 says she is a toe head!


Jill Day said...

thanks for the support emily. Don't worry too much about competing to be favorite aunt...I won't be seeing very much of my family for awhile, and by the time little Baby is old enough to have favorites, Justin will be graduated and we'll be off in the middle of nowhere probably.
ps we're excited to come visit you guys.

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