Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Livingston Family Update

Here are some pix of Grace and her new mommy and daddy from the past week:Together at long last!
Gracie and Daddy
Strike a pose!
Discovering that eating ziploc bags isnt too tasty!

Gracie and her fav toy, jeffrie the giraffe!
Gracie and Jeffrie in tow.
Gracie and Mommy, I LOVE this picture!Look at her cute little smile!!!AWWWWWWWW!

We just found out that the paperwork that was going to take about 30 days to process for Grace to come home took about 12 hours. WOO HOO! If all things fall into place Dallan & Kirsten will be coming home with Grace in a week and a half! Can you believe it?? Before they left for Africa, the adoption agency told them that they would have to go in 2 trips (utterly heartbreaking) The first trip to get things started, be presented in court, etc. and the second after 3-4 weeks when Grace's visa and other paperwork had been processed and she was clear to come to the U.S. Thankfully the people they are working with have their ducks in a row and are so helpful! Please keep them in your prayers! Hopefully everything goes off without a hitch! :) Good luck you guys! Love ya!


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