Friday, January 18, 2008

The Park

Just down the street is a town called is adorable. It has the old small town-ish feeling but it's all brand new and cute as a button. it kind of looks like you're on the set of a movie. This is where I would like to live some day. It is clean, it is adorable and oh yeah it is clean. I really love it.

Last week the park down town opened and we stopped by yesterday....FUN!!!! Bella loved it! I think Dan loved the astro-turf the best. He saw a few of his patients there and made friends with someone that was pushing his grandson on the swings. He is so good at that! People just start talking to him. I can never do that. Its not that I dont want to...i'm just not good at that and i feel like a dork. Plus, hello! You're not supposed to talk to strangers!

Anyway so Bella got to try out the swings and the big kid slides for the first time! SHE LOVED IT!!!!!!! She is such a daredevil...we started pushing her on the swings and started talking and without realizing it we were pushing her really fast and she looked a little freaked out but then when we made faces at her and pushed her again she would laugh and squeal with delight. and then on the slides, daddy was affraid to go down with her, so he took her to the top and i caught her on the bottom, she looked so excited...kind of how you look right before you go over the top of a roller coaster and started screaming again! It was awesome! WE DIDNT HAVE THE CAMERA!!! -AND- my phone was almost dead and it wouldnt let me take video or pix...rude. We will probably try again tomorrow or Tuesday WITH the camera...FUN FUN FUN!!!


Bonny said...

Sounds like fun times! I am so happy you guys got a house! That is so exciting! It sounds like things are going really great for you right now. You will have to post some more pix of the house - I'm dying to see it - I'm sure it is dang cute!! And don't ya know you are never supposed to leave the house without your camera - HELLO!!! Hahaaaa!!
Congrats again on the new house!!

Bonny said...

Hey Em - I just saw your comment on my blog about my background. I actually got it from a website called cutest blog on the block - you can check it out here
There are so many cute ones! I keep wanting to change mine!!

NelsonFamily said...

We adore the park! Whenever we drive by our park, Eli always says "whee, slide!"

I am glad things are going well for you guys too! And I am with Bonny! Where are the pics of the new house?

Bonny said...

Hellllooooo Emily - are you there!! We want a new post!! :)

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