Saturday, January 5, 2008


We had kind of a marathon Christmas this year! My brother Justin got married in the Logan Temple on the 22nd so we flew out from Oakland on Friday the 21st and met my grandma at the airport and my mom and brother Garrett picked us up and we drove to Logan that night. The next day we went to the sealing, the luncheon and then drove to SLC...well actually Taylorsville and Sandy where we visited with Dan's Family and spent the night @ his uncle's house....the next day we drove down to Vegas and got ready for Christmas. HOLY COW!!!!! It was kinda crazy! We seriously tried to fit in a months worth of Christmas stuff into 48 the next day we went to my aunt and uncle's house for our annual christmas party....

Every year for years and years our family gets together and has a family christmas party and the kids put on a Nativity....well everyone has either grown up or moved away with the exception of a few families so this year we got together at my Uncle Greg and Aunt Kendra's house on Christmas Eve afternoon and put on the Nativity. Jarom wanted to be Dan played the part of Joseph. lol

Felicity played the part of Mary.
Here she is again....heavy laden and everything.
Bella played the part of the angel...for the play only...just kidding, she was great! :) She loves being with older kids

Jenika was the Narrator and Kaprice represented the Kings. LOL I LOVE THE CROWN!!!

Here they are! Bella kept trying to get the baby out of the manger, I think this is the only pix I have without her halfway inside the basket.
Gavin, Gavin, Gavin...he was the bat shepherd. The shepherds watched their flocks by: The Dark Night.

Bella kidnapped "Baby Jesus"....somehow Santa found out and brought her her first doll the next day.

Sharon, if you see this, I am going to send you a copy of these pix, they are awesome!

Ok, you cant crack eggs like that and not take a picture!

Bella and Uncle Garrett...oh presh!

Toby didnt have a problem finding his stocking!

Garrett vowed to always get cute Vans for Bella for Christmas...hes 2 for 2!

yeah go figure, she goes for the paper over the new toy.

awwwww gramma!

about 5 minutes later she crashed! She was so tired.

I love this pix! Oh yeah you dont see Dan in any of the Christmas Day photos because he was sick and upstairs most of the time. poor guy!

It wouldnt be a visit home without Garrett dressing up somehow! At least he didnt come down sporting his speedo this time! He got his Firefighter digs from a guy he was working with, he said since he was working so hard in the explorer program and was a poor college student, he would give him the gear for free! HOW AWESOME IS THAT???? The paint ball gun isnt really part of it...but thats garrett for you...oh yeah...bella totally freaked out.


Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

I love the Hurray for Christmas Photo.

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