Sunday, July 29, 2007

4th of July pix!

bella has a love hate relationship with fireworks, she really didnt like the noise of the fireworks but loved watching them!

so here we are in the pool for the first time! bella really liked it but was so busy taking things in we couldnt really get her to smile.
do-do! do-do! do-dodo dododododododoooo (jaws music)
check out the waves!!!!!
all dry!

alrighty so here are the pix i promised to upload like a month ago from the 4th of july! Bella LOVED playing in the water with mommy! After we left the pool party we went to the beach which was really refreshing since we live so far from the beach now. We introduced bella to the pacific ocean and i think they are going to be good friends! :) our baby rocks, you all just have to know that! :)


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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers