Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gestapo Bob and the HOA Nazis

Gestapo Bob is the Manager of the complex that we live in. Most units are individually owned and they have a little HOA group that meets joke. every month. They don't let anyone know when or where the meetings are going to be so that they cant comment. They seriously want to control everything themselves. Correct me if I'm wrong, but just because you're not on the HOA board doesn't mean you don't have a say right? They are the rudest, meanest people I've ever met! Ok and really HOA to me means, clean, pretty, tidy, extra perks....ya know? Just a cut above the norm. Not so much in this case. We have gardeners that come once a week, but its nothing spectacular that they do...basically just mow the lawn and blow any excess debris away. The paint colors on the buildings are SO UGLY and there is a lot of wear and tear on the place as a whole. LOL they hired this shady contractor to do every one's interior upgrades....i really don't think he knows what hes doing most of the time, it's pretty sad really.

Ok so back to Gestapo Bob he lives DIRECTLY across from us. Every one's main door is the back door...wierd! So Bobs car and door are right across from us and he is ALWAYS watching. He told me that he goes around in the middle of the night and checks to make sure peoples car doors are locked. Now I'm all about watching out for your neighbors, but that's just creepy!

When we first moved in we had some friends over a few parked in our neighbors spot accidentally which we fixed immediately after we found out...then like a few days later another friend parked right behind our cars for like five minutes and Bob freaked out on me. He came over and started tearing into me about my disregard for the rules and how I keep doing stuff deliberately and taking advantage....he went on and on until he said he was going to write us up and give us a fine. So our friends left and I went to Bobs to fight back. First of all, we didn't have or know the rules and then I totally fought him back and brown nosed until I got out of the fine. GO ME. Hes a punk tho. Oh and a hypocrite too....he is always parking in other peoples spots and his wife has almost backed into me a few times in the parking lot...little silly really. I like the location of where we live, but I'll be so happy to move when our lease is up! :)


africa said...

I thought you guys bought that place. Gestapo Bob is hilarious, doesn't he have anything else to do?

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