Friday, June 6, 2008

SYTYCD Robert Muraine

Oh my gosh this guy is amazing. Check him out....

HELLO! He totally blew us away when we were watching his audition on So You Think You Can Dance and then, look out! He was talking to other competetors about having doubts and not being able to keep up with the choreography and all that jazz. SO...the judges called him up to the stage and confronted him about it and asked him to perform you go....

Amazing right? I cant believe he turned it down. He would have made the top 20 for sure. Not only that, but really he has had NO formal training and just think what he could do with the things he would learn on the show. He could totally improve upon his craft and be phenominal.

I'm sure hes gotten an offer though, he is way too talented not to have been snatched up by someone!

Good Luck Robert! Cant wait to see you in the future!


africa said...

It's gone, can you get it somewhere else?

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