Monday, September 27, 2010

Bella Monster vs. The Bug

Bella has recently started to hate all bugs, large or small. This morning we were playing and she saw a bug, ran outside and grabbed a spade from our gardening tools and ran at the bug full blast screaming, "GET THE BUG! GET THE BUG! GET THE BUG!" ended up not being a bug but a piece of lint. I was cracking up and called Dan. He related a similar story to me and said that she was in the yard swinging the spade over her head for like 20 minutes without being able to pull the trigger and smash the bug. lol what a goober! :)


Emily said...

HAHAHAHA- This is hilarious because Macy is the same exact way! Ever since we had a little bug incident where one was in my bedroom- right next to my bed!- and I completely freaked out, Macy has been terrified of bugs. Every time she sees a spiderweb she screams and literally starts crying- I really traumatized her I guess. Poor thing...let the bad mothering begin! =)

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