Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Food Storage

Our quarterly RS enrichment night was on food storage and I FINALLY got to go to the cannery for the first time in June. I know, so exciting right? I've always dreaded it because gathering and maintaining a food storage for a family seemed like such a daunting task, but it's super easy...I'm so glad that I've started getting things going. Some of my friends and I decided to purchase some of the same things...we do the same thing at Costco...and we just divide them up amongst ourselves, it's awesome and it makes it so much more fun doing stuff with other people.

You can go to providentliving.org, click on Family Home Storage on the left, then click on home storage center order form on the right of the page and it will give you a list of everything they have available and you can fax it in so they have the supplies ready for you. Some things you can buy pre packaged, others you have to do yourself, but it is super easy and fast! Oh yeah, since they wont allow you to bring your own food (because it can contaminate the cannery) you can borrow a canner from the cannery for a couple days at a time. Can it be more convienent?
I'm really glad they are putting more of an emphasis on it now (As if they havent for years already!) but now its more of a reality with gas and food prices increasing every day and now they are starting to ration food too. Rice for example, you can only buy one 50 pound bag of it at a time...kinda crazy to buy that much, but if you're stocking up....thats the way to go. Anyway i'm glad to have gotten started.


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