Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Office Parties

Ok so every Thursday this season of The office the G.E.E.K. Squad and our husbands got together and we had office parties! So awesome. Since we have tivo...well a dvr anyway we record it and usually it takes us a couple hours to watch a the oh so long half hour show. lol we usually talked and laughed and rewound a million times. its was a blast! LOVE IT!

Dwight always tries to take over the office when Michael, the boss, leaves. here is one of my fav. schemes SO for those of you that dont know, the schrute bucks were started by Dwight Schrute check it out.....

Jim...who makes office life bearable plays pranks on Dwight ALL the time....its the best...



Cristin said...

I also love the Office. Have you ever seen Arrested Development? It is also as funny or sometimes funnier than the Office. I just watched it on DVD.

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