Wednesday, October 10, 2007


ok so i took this video on my phone and its not very good, but the star sure shines bright! GO BABY GO!!!!

Bella just started crawling last week, she started scooting just before the move and right before her 7 month birthday on the 4th of October....SHE DID IT!!! she's awesome, she is pulling herself up on everything and prefers to be standing whenever possible. she enjoys playing with phones and remotes, loves music and tries to sing along, she is loving eating solid foods and is getting really good at eating with a spoon. she HATES avocado. we tried giving her some when we went out to eat and it didnt go over very well, it kept coming back to haunt her for like 5 minutes. i know it's mean but i'm going to try giving it to her again when we have a video camera at the ready. She has 4 teeth now, the top 2 are about a third of the way down and she has 4 more buds that we can see on the top row so they should be poking through soon.


Bonnie Alger said...

OMG...that little bella is the cutest thing in the world! she reminds me so much of a cross between emily and garrett in that little clip! deja vu!

I'm so sad that you keep moving further instead of closer! darn...I need a chance to spoil my little grand niece!

I love you little bella!!
aunt bonnie

Bonnie Alger said...
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