Saturday, October 20, 2007


CONTROL Z DOESNT WORK ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAST IT ALL!!!! I was nearly done with my post when my little whiz kid DELETED EVERYTHING. i swear she knows all the shortcuts she touches like one button and all the settings on the computer are completely changed. what is there a computer class in the pre-existence? there must be. well i'm going to have to work on this later. time to put my little nocturnal baby to bed. FOR-E-VER!


Cristin Lassen said...

Yeah, Luke knows how to turn off the computer two ways... very frustrating!

NelsonFamily said...

CURSES! I so feel your pain! Eli is a little button masher as well. And you can never get everything as good as you had it when you try to re-write it sans little helping fingers! Isn't it amazing how quickly they learn all those shortcuts?


Bonny said...

Hi Emily!! I got your blog from Kirsten so I thought I would drop by and say Hi!! Sounds like little Bella is trying to be mommies little helper! I am constantly amazed at the things babies can do. I let my baby hold a little bottle that had a twist lid on it. I never thought she would be able to open it but sure enough she did!!
You can stop by my blog anytime or there is a link on Kirsten's blog!


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