Monday, October 29, 2007

Go Red Sox! Go Red Sox! Go! Go! Go Red Sox!

Jumpin Jellyfish!!!! I'm happy to report as you must all know that the Red Sox Swept the Colorado Rockies at the World Series. Hip Hip Hooray! Blast! And my little Bella just broke a key on my husbands laptop. Hunny if you read this before I talk to you, I'm very sorry, but its a key that we dont use anyway so hopefully we can fix it without much inconvenience. ANYWAY!!!!!!! YEAH RED SOX!!!! It's amazing what they can do now that the curse of the Bambino has been lifted. I really didnt watch the full games. Like I could with a little baby crawling all over the place, but i watched the highlights on sports center and checked the scores on my cell phone...does that make me a bad fan? Oh well!

Bella looks so much bigger to me lately. I swear she has grown a few inches since we left Tehachapi only a month ago. Her 8 month B-day (oh my gosh!!!) is Sunday and I need to take her to the Dr. for her checkup but I don't have doctor here yet and I'm worried that we wont qualify for the insurance we have anymore since dan has a new job sooooooooo I'm tempted to pull a Cristin and drive to Bakersfield to Bella's old Dr. Is that totally crazy? I can see driving 2 hours or so...but it's like 4 hours down there. And I would be driving to the middle of nowhere by myself with a baby. hmmmmmmmmmm. Probably not a great idea.

Saturday was the Fall Festival for my In-Laws ward and it was a lot of fun. I made Bella's costume and she dressed up as a Ballerina...a bellarina! :) we always call her that. I wanted to dress her up in something that wouldnt freak her out and would be really cute so that made the most sense. I kind of did things the hard way. I totally could have just made a tutu and had her wear a onesie underneath but since i have no life i decided to make the liatard as well. It was a lot of fun and i think if i have time i'll make the costumes every year. I'm sure that by the time we have more kids I will have changed my tune and my kids will be lucky if they get to wear a burlap sack and go as a sack of potatoes for halloween. I put my kitty ears on her so she would come to me. i think the black eyeshadow and ears really freaked her out, but when she saw that they came off it was all ok!


Kirsten said...

My, my - you are a little overachiever! Good for you! Bella looks beautiful! That is one gorgeous little girl you have there, my dear! Don't feel silly about wanting to drive to your old pediatrician. It is so hard to find new doctors! I hate that part about moving! Good luck with whatever you decide!

I miss you! We are going to be in Vegas in January - are you guys going that way anytime soon?

Cristin Lassen said...

I love the Halloween outfit! She looks so big.

And just so you know, Luke broke a key on our laptop too. It was a key we used a lot, so we moved one we don't use much to it's spot.

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