Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, we procrastinated this year as all good people do, we finally went to the pumpkin patch tonight to get our pumpkins for the trick or treaters to smash into bits tomorrow. I think I'm going to do my traditional barfing pumpkin. I always have grand schemes for like the best carved pumpkin ever, but I always get mad and end up carving 2 eyes, a huge hole for the mouth and pull all the goop and seeds coming out through it. I LOVE IT! Always a winner.

So this afternoon my mother-in-law and I went to the pumpkin patch to stake out the good pumpkins before we went tonight with our hubbies and to take some pix of Bella. It was kind of cold and she was a little more interested in all the other kids and the train and "old faithful" erupting every 15 minutes than the pumpkins. Despite that, we got some really cute pix....check them out.........

Yes, I did make my daughter lay on a pile of baby pumpkins. But I made sure all the stems were facing down so it wasnt so bad. She didnt seem to mind. I was a little more worried about her falling off the large pumpkin I made her ride like a pony! lol She is great. So we went back to the pumpkin patch at like 8 o'clock after Dan got home from work and were taking pix on a bail of hay when all of a sudden....

Check out the pix you can see the expression on my face change when it starts....

We were sitting there talking and taking pictures and then all of a sudden it started rumbling and then it got stronger and stronger and it all of a sudden felt like we were on a water bed and like we were on a job site and large heavy objects were being dropped and then the poles holding up the lights that were strung over the patch were swaying back and forth. IT WAS SO AWESOME! I couldnt really imagine a cooler place to be. It was pretty safe too since we were in an open area.
Everyone around us started freaking out and everyone with a cell phone was on it trying to get through to someone which of course didnt work because everyone in the Bay Area was trying to do the same thing so the network was down. Somehow after 10 minutes of trying to get through to my mom I got a hold of her, but after that the system was down again so I'm glad I got to talk with her while I had a little window. This has us seriously thinking about getting our food storage together and getting super duper walkie talkies so that we can get in touch with our families in case "the big one" hits. yikes!

We got home and turned on the news and they said that it was a 5.6 quake. We still havent felt the aftershock yet so I'm sleeping in my clothes just in case we have to bail. Dave (Dans younger bro) was home when it happened and he said he felt the little rumble and then there was a big bang and it kept getting worse and worse. They have vaulted cielings and Dave said the whole house started to sway so he bolted outside. SCARY!!!!

Here is a pix if you can see it of the richtor scale and link to an article about the quake if you want to read all about it! :)

The End


Cristin Lassen said...

That is so great that you were taking a picture during it! What are the chances of that?!

NelsonFamily said...

What an exciting pumpkin outing! The pics are adorable, and how wild is that to have a huge earthquake like that! Craziness! You have one beautiful little girl!

Miss ya!

Bonny said...

Oh my goodness, Bella is so stinkin' cute!! I love all the fun pumpkin patch pics. And the earthquake sounds so crazy and exciting!
BTW, I love Bella's beanie! She looks so adorable wearing it! Oh, and I have to mention the super cute "Bella"rina costume you made - way to go!!

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