Friday, October 12, 2007

So random

We need more signs like this in the world! Dan and I were driving through his old neighborhood in Sunnyvale and saw this sign and had a good laugh! :)
ok and i've been looking for a book my gramma use to read to me called arty the smarty and i found a good copy of it on the internet for $560.00! So i called my gramma and told her to save her copy for me so i want all of you to know i have dibs on it!! :)
So yesterday morning they closed down one of the freeways up here for like 3 hours. First they said there was a dead animal in the road, then it was debris....well it turned out to be a dead body! apparently a guy asked a truck driver for a ride and he said no and the guy held on to the back of the truck without the driver knowing for 20 miles before he lost his grip and died on the freeway. isnt that sad? the only thing they were saying on the news yesterday was that it was debris though. silly people.


Bonnie Alger said...

Ok...fine...I could really use $560 right now! Just kidding! Actually, the copy that Gramma has probably woudln't sell for as much...unless I become incredibly famous in the next few years! I'm pretty sure that "Yvonne Bott" is probably written in it a bagillion times! Just like every other kid book that we had! Scary! Sorry about that. :)

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