Friday, April 11, 2008

Dealing With Divorce

Two years ago on Easter Sunday I found out my parents were getting divorced....finally. Its been a rough couple of no wait a rough 25 years. But the past two have been a different kind of rough. Even now, I cant really sum up how I'm feeling about it. I am so glad my parents are divorced though, they were not good together. No matter how you look at it, how hard you try it was bad. They put on a pretty good act over the years though...gotta hand it to them.

I hate it when people say...we're staying together for the kids. Just fight to make it work, its not worth the drama you're going to cause by doing it. HELL YEAH IT IS! I cant tell you how many times I cried myself to sleep and how happy I was to break free from my parents house when I went to college. I would come home from church on sunday just having had a lesson on Eternal Marriage, Families...and so know the drill and I would be like...really? Thats what its suppose to be like? Because thats not what it is like in my home at all. Granted my mom really tried to have family home evening and do stuff together as a family but it always ended up badly. Our stake president said that FHE is the only fight that begins and ends with a prayer. lol i thought that was great! :)

Seriously though, I so wish that my parents had gotten divorced when we were little kids and saved us all from the drama now. So Thanks for finally taking care of that! :)


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