Friday, April 4, 2008

Good Clean Fun

So my friend Kirsten sends me hilarious emails all the time and I never get around to reading them so i created a Kirsten folder and go through it once in a while....heres my recent fav....

Can you imagine some guy going 90 mph on the interstate with these balloons trailing about a few yards behind him? Instructions for a fun time on the interstate...............

Step 1. Tie balloons to car.
Step 2. Drive like a bat out of hell....
Step 3. Watch people freak out!!!!

I don't care who you are....that's funny.
Sharon, you and grandpa should try this next time you drive to Colorado! :)


NelsonFamily said...

You are silly! I still laugh just as hard at those pictures as when I first saw them.

I am sure that time seems to be flying for the rest of the world, but believe me, I can totally believe that I am almost ready to hatch this egg!!! As for my pregnant work out - try keeping up with a very active almost 2-year old. That is more than enough to keep anyone trim. Also, it helps if you can't keep dinner down at night because it is too squishy for anything to digest before bed.

My sister is going to email me info about the detox thing so I can send it to you. This is one thing that has really worked for her. She has struggled with her weight pretty much all her life and this really helped her get things going in the right direction. I totally want to do it when I am done nursing. The chiropractor she works for makes some pretty good $$ using this program with his clients, too.

I think I am done with the majority of my nesting. I totally went overkill when the urge hit me, too. Eli's scrapbook is 99% current, my hospital bag is packed, my freezer is full of meals for when baby comes (or when I feel to waddley to cook anything), the baby's clothes are all washed and hung up, I scrubbed the house top to bottom (I still look at my organized freezer and feel a sense of completion) and we just moved Eli over to his Big-Boy room today so the nursery is ready for #2. We are recycling the nursery. I figured Eli would be much more appreciative of the decor in a new room (which he totally is). There are a few little things left to do, but we have the bulk of the chores done! Whew!

Good heavens! I cant believe you're almost done hatching your little easter egg! I have literally 10 friends that are either pregnant, or just had a baby and its making me so baby hungry. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!!! You are seriously the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen in my life. Great job! So what is your work out like while you're pregnant? Oh yeah I totally want to know about the 30 day detox thing your sister did. They had a detox thing at the last practice Dan worked at and it seemed pretty cool. I couldn't do it because I was nursing of course, but I totally wanted to. This one was through the feet and was like a one shot deal but your sisters sounds a lot better, let me know, maybe we can start it here at our practice, I'm sure everyone would love it, especially since the practice is in a Gym.

There is a link on my blog to a really cute and free site for blog backgrounds. It is called cutest blog on the block. Make sure you follow the directions on there. I fought with it for a bit, but after reading the directions, it was a breeze (go figure).

Well, there is a novel for you. You really do have the cutest little girl I've ever seen. I am excited to see how adorable your next baby will be!!!

TraciP said...

That is funny! I can't imagine seeing a car actually doing that.

SBTVD said...

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