Thursday, April 3, 2008

Something To Look Forward To

We were in the store getting ready to check out and I saw this paper, staring me in the face...

Happy Birthday to me! This year dont worry about having to get me a birthday present, because guess what? We'll be dead, so its ok, I wont be mad. Maybe I'll celebrate early just in case, I am going to be 25 after all, kind of a big step in life. A quarter of a century old. Thanks mom for always reminding me of that, I really appreciate it. My consolation is that Dan is always going to be 7 years older than me, so thats a good thing, I shouldn't feel as old. But I do. Sometimes I feel like my life just stopped back in 2005 and I just havent caught up yet. At least thats what I always hope, that I'll wake up and it will be ok that I havent finished my degree or I'm still fat. Well in 2005 I wasnt fat so that wouldnt be an issue.

Those are the things that are extremely vexing to me. I am fat and I havent finished my degree and I'm going to be 25. I wanted to be over those 2 things so I could move on with my life. I guess 25 is just a number right? Although it feels like I'll never finish school, because I havent started school again. I can always finish. Getting BYU's degree in generals would be a piece of cake, but then hello I would be totally throwing away all the credits from my major.

So has anyone out there almost finished at BYU and had to complete their degree elsewhere? Any advice?

Here are my goals for my quarter of a century birthday.

-Not to cry on my big day
-To start to finish my degree sometime before I turn 26.
-To get skinny by Christmas...or at least by the time I turn 26.
-To hang out with friends. Fair warning Dan, I want a party! :) get hoppin'.


NelsonFamily said...

Wow! 25! That is SO OLD! You are so silly! Brandon just turned 30 and I am pushing that number myself. Give yourself at least 5 more years before you start with the midlife crisis thing! Honestly - you still have half a decade in front of you before you start wigging out!

No advice about BYU. I barely (and I mean BARELY) finished my degree at BSU before I had Eli (and I was older than 25 -thank you very much!)

My sister just did a 30 day cleanse and lost 18 lbs and a whole bunch of inches. She works for a Chiropractor and he recommends this for his patients. I don't remember the name of the program, but it is quite healthy and she feels and looks great. Let me know if you are interested and I can find out the details for you. I want to try it myself once I am done cooking a baby and breastfeeding.

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