Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Self Feeding

THANK YOU!!!! About a week ago Bella decided she didnt want me to feed her anymore. I was beginning to worry because she wouldnt eat very much and then steal the spoon from me. I thought maybe that she didnt like the food I was making her anymore or something so I just let her play with the spoon or the food and then I would bottle feed her or nurse her. Then I realized, DUH she wants to feed herself.....so I started giving her little bits of banana which didnt work very well because it got everywhere. And every other time we tried letting her eat on her own she would choke on something so I was totally freaked out by this. Don't worry, she is a pro now! I've given her lots of new things and she really doesnt care what she eats as long as she gets to feed herself. Seriously I'll try and put something in her mouth and she pushes my hand away, looks at whatever I have and then grabs it and puts it in her mouth herself. It's really kind of cute. OH my, I have given her some cheerios (which i'm not doing anymore because they have a lot of salt...anyway) she pinches the cheerio and nibbles it and finally after about 6 bites she is done. Shes so dainty! it's adorable. We ran into someone at Baja Fresh that had a little boy a month younger and 2x bigger than bella and his mommy told me about these gerber graduates puffy crunchy things. They are mostly made of fruit and veggies and wheat, but they are great, they dissolve in your mouth and most importantly Bella loves them. I can actually have a warm meal and everyone is happy. OH HAPPY DAY!!!


NelsonFamily said...

What a wonderful thing!!! Eli was perfectly content for me to wait on him hand and foot and spoon feed him every morsel of food until he was about a year old (just like a man). It felt like such freedom when he started feeding himself! I could actually get things done while he sat contentedly in his chair stuffing his face (he is NOT dainty in his eating - I swear he has broken world records with numbers of Goldfish in a person's mouth at one time!) You totally need to get some video of the dainty cheerio eating! Too adorable!

Walking, too, was another wonderful thing for us! Eli was so much happier when he was able to ambulate. Go, Bella, go!!! And how everyone says "you will really be in trouble when they start walking - they will get into everything!" Well, in my experience, they are into everything when they are crawling and walking doesn't make much difference in that aspect!

Kirsten said...

What the heck? I posted a comment a week ago and it just isn't there?

Well, your little miss is well on her way to independence! I love the Cheerio eating method! How dainty! Eli is anything but dainty! He is always stuffing as much food in his mouth as possible like some poor half-starved waif who doesn't know where his next meal will come from.

It really is a glorious thing when they start to feed themselves. Warm meals for mommy are the best!

And how exciting that she is starting to walk! She will be so much happier with her newfound talents! A happy baby equals a happy mommy, that's for sure!

That is quite the cutie you have on your hands!

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