Friday, April 3, 2009

Bloody Fantastic!

One of the things i love about living in an apartment complex is: At approximately 1:30 am monday morning our lovely drunk neighbors started screaming and beating eachother. Oh yes, fun stuff. They were so out of control we called the police, by the time they got there there was blood everywhere and they were so messed up the fire dept. and paramedics came along for the show. Fantastic! About 3am everyone left and in the morning bella and I came downstairs to the remaining blood bath. it was literally everywhere. I dont know...blood leading up to your stairs doesnt really scream: welcome! Oh the joys of living in an apartment again....


Cristin said...

That is gross, you should have taken pictures.

Emily said...

I know i really wish i had gotten pictures! I was a little distracted by the guns and was on the phone with the dispatcher the whole time, I'll be prepared for next time

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