Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Farmer's Market

When we got back from S.L.O. we heard about a farmer's market in Morro Bay so we piled in the car again and when we got there this crazy old man kept trying to get me to eat frog balls!

He kept egging me on and getting a rise out of how grossed out I was about them...even though I knew they werent actual frog balls, just the name was freaking me out. AAAAAAAAH! They were pickeled brussels sprouts! I caved and ate a piece of one and they actually werent bad. Kind of like a zesty dill pickle with a spicier kick.

How cute is this? You dont see barber shops like this anymore...the whole downtown area like this. Sadly it was the only store I could take a picture of that wasnt blocked by a tent or a table. Fun day!


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