Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camping Trip: Day 2

We wanted to explore the area a little bit, none of us had ever been to Morro Bay before so why not?? Instead of climbing the big rock lol we went to San Louis Obispo and went shopping. It was a lot of fun. S.L.O. is really pretty, the downtown area is really cute and buzzing with excitement. They were having a children's fair at the mission downtown which Bella was conveniently asleep for. We found something even cooler while we were walking around...

Bubblegum Alley!
This place was so awesome! And also really gross! Apparently people started putting their gum on the wall during the 1960's and since then...well you can see what it has become. A few people have made designs with stretched out gum, written their name, etc.... I like all the dots of gum, if it was organized it would be a really unique way of doing pointillism! I think it's really cool!
You cant really tell in this picture, but the gum piled up on the right is about 4 inches thick from the wall!
Here I am about halfway down the alley...Kirsten and the gang walking out towards the street...
Here is the end of the alley we came from...
And of course, here is my contribution! (Mine is the red one that isn't crusty & filled with diseases!)

What do you think? Art or Graffiti?


Jill Day said...

Sometimes there is a fine line between art and graffiti. being a public health major I think I would have had a hard time walking down that alley

Sally said...

Brilliant I say. Such an interesting place to find. Love and miss you Em

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