Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winding Down

The only hiccup with the trip was that bella was not such a happy camper! This was her first camping trip, new surroundings, tons of new people AND she hadn't pooped in 4 whole days. lol she wasnt too thrilled...we took her on lots of hikes and gave her a lot of raisins and eventually "the top of the volcano came off " as Kirsten's dad said, and the flood gates opened. Crisis averted. Poop hike
This was bella's pooping spot, any time she had to go, she ran over here, I think she felt like she had more privacy until she realized we were all staring and taking pictures of her.

As we were waiting for dinner to be ready Dallan swallowed a bug and felt the need to share it with Kirsten...
Ah! True Love!Our last night at camp was pretty mellow. We kept bella up all day and the only nap she had gotten was during the fair in S.L.O. so she was ready to sleep at 8. YES! Everyone was really tired too, so after dinner everyone went to bed around 9pm!
Dan and Bella snuggling by the campfire
Nite nite!


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